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Numerous skeptics of the effects of global warming and the contribution of human activities to the problem have used various scientific arguments to support their claim. They argue that global warming is not a serious problem and that there is no evidence to show that the human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, among others, have actually contributed to the increase in global temperature. The critics have argued that there is no significant increase in the global temperatures since the 1990s meaning that there is no way the burning of fossil fuels has contributed to global warming as the rates have remained steady. Others have claimed that there is no sufficient historical data that can be used to evaluate the climate change over the years.

Additionally, they claim that Arctic ice has increased by almost 50% over the last six years which means that the prediction that global warming is causing the ice caps to melt is false. The predictions made in the previous years on the implications of global warming have also been proven wrong such as the melting of the Arctic ice. Admittedly, some of the arguments are quite sound as they have a bit of scientific basis but this is not enough to underestimate the effects of global warming and the contribution of human activities in fueling the problem. It is clearly evident that the hottest years in history have been recorded in the last ten years in addition to the fact that the weather patterns have become completely unpredictable especially in areas affected by massive deforestation and excessive burning of fossil fuels. Hence, the issue of global warming is real and human beings need to take appropriate measures to counter the problem before it is too late.

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Global warming is one of the greatest environmental challenges that human beings have ignored over the past 100 years and the situation is getting worse. The small increases in temperature may seem insignificant in the short term but they can lead to devastating effects in future. Critics have argued against the effects of global warming and the contribution of human activities in accelerating the problem. They claim that the problem is not serious as the arctic ice has increased by almost 50% in the last few years and that there is also no sufficient historical data to show the effects of global warming. Admittedly, there are some sound scientific arguments in skeptics’ claim but this is not enough to discredit or underestimate the global warming and its accelerators. Measures to control or regulate the high rate of global warming needs to be implemented as fast as possible.

The first measure that should be taken should focus more on the human effects than the natural effects causing global warming. Earth’s temperatures need to be lowered through less burning of fossil fuel and deforestation across the world. Reduction of global warming starts with individual efforts of adhering to rule and regulations that might help to reduce the emission of gases into the atmosphere which might be harmful to the environment and which can also affect the lives of human beings. Global warming represents a serious threat to the natural systems and human population; therefore, the government should implement more regulations on the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and levels of carbon dioxide.


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