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Number of vehicles on the road increase dramatically in the recent years.It leads to Accidents that are the major cause of death in most of thecountries. Even though there is a vast development of traffic management systemand automotive technologies, the number of accidents increases day to day.

Toboost the safety and for the comfort of road traffic users Vehicular Ad HocNetwork (VANET) is envisaged by the automotive industry as one of the key tofuture technology. Including safety, traffic management, and infotainment,VANETs could maintain a large number of applications. Several multi-hopapplications developed for vehicular ad hoc networks use broadcast as a meansto either discover nearby neighbors or propagate useful traffic information toother vehicles located within a certain geographical area. However, theconventional broadcast mechanism may lead to the so-called broadcast stormproblem, a scenario in which there is a high level of contention and collisionsat the link layer due to an excessive number of broadcast packets. Our purposedalgorithm which is position based will utilize the bandwidth properly byreducing the number of broadcast and redundancy.

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Determining moreaccurately the human and material resources required for each particularaccident could significantly reduce the number of victims. The proposed systemrequires each vehicle to be endowed with an On-Board Unit responsible fordetecting and reporting accident situations to an external Control unit thatestimates its severity. Our system proposes a novel intelligent system which isable to automatically detect road accidents, notify them through vehicularnetworks, and estimate their severity based on the values of different sensorspresent in the car and reduces the number of broadcast messages by use of relayagents in our system. Our system considers the most relevant variables that cancharacterize the severity of the accidents (variables such as the vehiclespeed, the type of vehicles involved, the impact speed, and the status of theairbag).


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