Nowadays, Deshpande 2014). The first advantage of using

Nowadays, technology is getting more advanced, it can be known by the development of social media. Social media is very often encountered and also there are so many social media users, ranging from children to adults. In 2003, the first social media introduced to society was LinkedIn which was more than millions of people around the world use social media (Deepa 2013). Not only that, social media is also used by companies as a form of their strategy in marketing their products to consumers (Vinerean 2017). There are some advantages of using social in doing marketing. However, at the same time it has some downsides too (Whiting & Deshpande 2014).
The first advantage of using social media in marketing is that social media make promotion with minimal cost. In the competitive environment today, businesses strive to maximize profits and minimize costs using various strategies. With social media, seller can promote their product not only through text but also through videos or pictures provided. As a result, consumer can easily know a thing about the product offered. Also, social media offer a solution for a big or small company to promote their product financially because some social media come for free but there are still paid advertisement (Alharbie 2015). However, the cost incurred for promotion costs in social media platform is still lower than any other traditional marketing (Kelly et al. 2015). For example, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut are valuable resources to promote advertisement and to attract potential consumers because of their free cost (Alharbie 2015). Therefore, promoting through social media is the best choice because it is very useful to increase profit.
The second advantage is that social media marketing increase costumer satisfaction level. The successfulness and necessity of using social media marketing is heavily debated nowadays. Some people express that it cannot bring in new customers and cannot attract customers because it will not work as properly as a marketing person and that companies risk alienating their customers if advertising messages are too overt. On the other hand, others express that it helps build relationships, maintains, and grows the brand, outweighing the negative factors that can happen. This show that both sides have legitimate arguments, but if it used properly, social media marketing can be useful and even needed for an organization (Whiting & Deshpande 2014). Through social media, customers are given spot on customer service facility and ability to be targeted via the businesses that they are interested in. The success of social media marketing lies in the ability of the marketers to be visible to the potential customers at all times. For example, the internet marketing mechanism such as the social groups, communities and individuals having similar interests are identified by their web-activities including search patterns, website visits and so on, which are then used to target them through the social media marketing techniques. Therefore, it becomes more specific and focused toward the winning leads and customers feel more comfortable as they come across the required or appealing product or service. The vast pool of information available to them is well developed. In addition, customer experience and satisfaction is enhanced as they accept the fast and proactive customer service with online chat and complaint options available to them (Gommans et al. 2001).
The third advantage is social media helps companies build relationships with customers through customer interactions and involvement. When costumers feel they are valued and listened to, the result is customer loyalty beyond what can be achieved through an impersonal marketing campaign (Whiting & Deshpande 2014). Customer comments may be monitored to learn how the company is perceived by the public and customer interactions on social media provide opportunities to publicly demonstrate commitment to customer service even a customer complaint can be an opportunity because the problem can be addressed immediately and action can be taken (Kelly 2015). Consumers can be polled about why they like a certain product and the meaning it holds for them. This not only provides the company with a greater understanding of their customer base, but may also help generate new marketing ideas (Whiting & Deshpande 2014). For example, a recent poll indicated that word of mouth marketing (WOM) was identified by 85% of Millennials as the largest influence on purchasing decisions (Whiting & Deshpande, 2014). Social media marketing is an excellent vehicle for promoting WOM, as it provides a forum for consumers to easily share their experiences with others in their networks. As consumers connect with a company on social media, they may become advocates, which in turn advances the company and product (Whiting & Deshpande 2014). Social media is a great way to connect to customers and find out what they think about the products. If a company intends to grow its connections within its business, social media will connect them to more people. Social media provides a great opportunity to learn from those around as well as discovering new information by expanding your network. Social media offers an extended virtual network that offers the chance to progress a business using a wider set of connections. It opens the opportunity to find a business mentor, advertise your company, or build relationships that can help close deals.
Lastly , the disadvantages of social media marketing are social media can not directly help customers in finding company’s profile or their product. Before costumers find the desired product or company, the company or the product must be famous and known to many people and company must carefully plan how to promote their product. The reason is if the products displayed by the company have an unsatisfactory impression then the consumer can easily express his disappointment through social media. They also did not hesitate to berate those products. This will certainly damaging the company’s image. Therefore, social media does not always help in promoting a product or a company (Whiting & Deshpande 2014)
In conclusion, because marketing is an inevitable part to help grow a business, many companies are turning to social media as a source of marketing. The interactivity of social media plays a vital role in the success of such marketing efforts. People feel more comfortable as they discuss, share and provide feedback on the products or services they receive. Further, large amount of information on alternatives, customer reviews and 24-hour customer services available to customers make it easier for them to make informed decisions and empower them with the ability to spread word about their experiences leading to higher customer satisfaction and better customer experience. By using social media a company is able to promote their products with lower costs , build relationships with customers. Meanwhile for the customer, by using social media it can increase customers satisfaction. Although there are some disadvantages of using social media in marketing, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Social media is no longer just a fad in our world but rather a part of our everyday life. Therefore, social media is becoming more of a necessity for business (Whiting & Deshpande 2014).

Nowadays, use of drugs is a controversial topic in this society. In general, taking drugs and effect on it showed the direct link with the addicts. Drugs can found anywhere, so are the effect of drugs. When the drug affect the addicts, some effect will happen on the them in short or long term such as antisocial, losing their sight of goal and harming their health.
Firstly, a drug user will become antisocial expect the loved one such as family and their friends. They will avoid most or all the public situation after they have taking the drug over the times. For example, if a student was using the drug in the school, they will start to absent or quit the co-curricular activities or class. This type of person will always stay in their world and their mind after they involved in the drugs. This said that, they will withdrawal from normal social and may cause problem of various relationship. According to the Tinklenberg. J .R, (1975) , the both behaviour between taking drug without medical and antisocial are the complex. From this, taking drug will cause a person from a normally person to antisocial.
Not only drugs can cause someone become antisocial, but taking drugs will also cause a person losing sight of their life goal. They will lose sight of their future too. For example, if a student was taking drugs, he may stop attending to school or no done his homework. For a student taking drug, the college or university will not care anymore about it. They will quit the student from their college immediately. The parents of the student will also renounce their children even taking care them.

Nowadays, as we can see. Most of the teenagers are not interested to pursue a higher educational level. Teenagers nowadays are easily getting attracted to make money and get a job while they are young rather than getting a higher educational certificates for themselves. This is happening towards the teenagers nowadays because some of the teenagers mindsets are that they can live on their own by working at a very young age, Don’t have the interest for a higher educational level and finding that go for study is boring and are worried that they don’t get any job for what they have studied in the future and needs to pay for the loan studies.
First of all, teenagers nowadays did not have interest in study for a higher educational level is because of the wrong mindsets of teenagers by thinking that they can live on their own without needing any certificates like diploma, degree or masters to be success in their life. As we can see, there are many successful persons in life that don’t even have a higher educational level certifacates taken and became successful. According to Paul S.T (2017) The apple mastermind, Steve Jobs. He showed an interest in computing and went to Reed College, Portland, Oregon, but dropped out after only one semester. After he dropped out from the college. He convinced his friend Steve Wozniak to start a business with him. After what he decided to be doing. He became one of the billionaires peoples in the world with his branding, Apple. Teenagers nowadays are taking it for such a good motivation without even realizing it is also not a good decision to not go for a higher educational. It may happen to some person because they are lucky. We should also look at the unlucky person that is not getting any higher educational in life and not successful.
Besides that, most of the graduates from secondary school finds that it is boring to go for a higher educational after spending their 11 years on school. It happens among the teenagers that are fresh graduated from their secondary school because they did not even know what is the benefits of learning in colleges and what are really fun about it. According to Lucia.P (2014) It’s about getting out on your own,exploring new things, meeting new people and learning everything from how to conduct. Teenagers nowadays did not have that interests in studies for a higher educational because they don’t realize the benefits in it. They are too quick on judging that it is boring because it takes much years and time to be spend for a diploma, degree and etc,. If they realize the benefits and what’s fun about it. For sure they will also put an interest to it.
Last but not least,majority of the teenagers are worried to make a loan for their studies because afraid of not getting a job for what they had learned and need to pay for the loan that they had made for their studies which are expensives for every certificates taken. By this way of thinking, it will possibly change the mind of a person from taking a higher educational certificates. Without even realizing it, choosing a decision to not go for a studies will also brings a people nowhere. It can only brings a person to work at a supermarket or any fast food restaurants to work with a school level of certificate. To be a manager in a company,to be a personal assistant or any high ranks in a company it will totally cost a higher educational knowledge.Unless if you are a person without any dreams and don’t even have an ambition or don’t even wants to be a successful person in life.Then u can surely not go for a higher educational.Some of the people that don’t go for studies are lucky because some of them does come from wealthy family and ended their life by working in their family company, knows what to do with their life and find themselves really good in something they are doing and thinking that they did not even need to go for a higher educational. Teenagers nowadays should have to change their opinion towards study for a higher educational because going to college will benefits life much more better .You will gain a knowledge that u will not gain anywhere except the college.
In a nutshell,this essay affirm that the causes of why teenagers nowadays are not interested to pursue a higher educational level are because of wrong mindsets by thinking they can live on their own by working at a very young age, don’t have the interests for a higher educational level and feels that go for a higher educational studies are boring.The teenagers should be smart in making their decision for their life.If this are not implemented to the teenagers,it would definitely cause massive problems to our younger generations.


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