Nowadays, wanted to discover a different type

Nowadays, with the development of genetic part of life sciences, DNA and RNAare considered to be more significant. Although the secrets of DNA have beendiscovered further in decades, the history of understanding the primary structure ofDNA is still important. Same to scientists who contribute to it, Rosalind ElsieFranklin is one of them.Rosalind Elsie Franklin was born on 25 July 1920 in London. When she was 6,she joined Norland Place School.

When she was 9, she entered Lindores School.When she was eleven, she went to St Paul’s Girls’ School. At there, she learned how tospeak French and German. Also, a lot of things about physics and chemistry.

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Sheentered Newnham College, Cambridge in 1938 and graduated in 1941, during thistime, she studied something about DNA and took notes on the notebook. After shegraduated, she worked at Cambridge under Ronald Norrish. In 1942, because of thedemand for coal during World War 2, Franklin studied the porosity of coal usinghelium to determine its density. In 1950, She entered King’s College in London. Atthere, she was originally appointed to work on X-ray diffraction of proteins and lipidsin solution, but Randall redirected her work to DNA fibers because of newdevelopments in the field. At that time, the race of finding the true secret of DNA hadstarted, and she was to be the only experienced experimental diffraction researcher atKing’s at the time, she has two workmates which worked with her called Wilkins andGosling, they had already got some diffraction picture of DNA with crude equipment.So, when she joined them, she is not considered to be one of them by Wilkins andGoslin. This caused some benefits and some problems, the benefits are she can havesome fundamental knowledge of DNA which had already been discovered by Wilkinsand Gosling, and they have the experience in this kind of research.

The issues arebecause of her personality and lack of communication, Wilkins left the lab because ofhe wanted to discover a different type of DNA. In 1953, the famous picture photo 51have been taken and shown to James Watson, and James Watson wrote a report on themagazine include photo 51 but didn’t have Franklin’s name. The race of finding thesecret of DNA have both advantages and disadvantages, the advantages of it aremainly because more and more scientists focused on this specific field so that thesecret can be discovered earlier. On the other side, because it is a race, so scientists donot trust and share experiment data with each other. Franklin left King’s CollegeLondon in mid-March 1953 for Birkbeck College; She used X-ray crystallography tostudy the structure of the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), an RNA virus. In 1955 shepublished her first major works on TMV in Nature, in which she described that allhe has a serioush


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