Nowadays, Due to economic reason, they forced

Nowadays, children’ right is more and more important and should be highly paying attention to the everyone no matter which nation you are. Children should be treated well with love but not violence. Children are future builders of our country and they could make us see our future. Hence, we should take good care of them to prevent they being hurts but not spoil them. There are few reasons to show why children’ right protection is an emergency issue in International.Child labour happens in the poor country frequently. Children are always being exploited by the unscrupulous people with long hours working and low salary. Due to economic reason, they forced to work because they need the money to survive. Those unscrupulous businessmen hire underage children by paying low salary to them because there is no fixed salary for children in Malaysia. Besides that, child abuse and child maltreatment should be strictly forbidden, no matter physically or psychologically. Child abuse or child maltreatment that a child has experienced was imprinted deeply, perhaps indelibly, in his brain. This might cause those children having childhood trauma and leave ineradicable scars in their future life, especially for those children that experienced child sexual abuse. Child abuse and child maltreatment occur anywhere, anytime, and any family. We should be concern with our surrounding child so that we could prevent or decrease the rate of child abuse in this world.Furthermore, child marriage usually happens in India. There are a lot of Indian girls in India marriage between 15 to 18 and some of the girls in India even marry before their 18th birthday. Poorer family in India often marry off their daughter at young age so that they could transfer their responsibility to her husband and reduce the family expenses. Therefore, India has the highest number of child brides in the world. Last but not least, child slavery which often happens in United State and child trafficking which happens in China should be solicitude by everyone too. Children can easily abduct in China and most of them cannot find back their missing child. In China, there are a lot of cases which is about child trafficking, most of the victims had been amputated so that they could beg money for a society or an organization that trafficking them. They also send some victims overseas and become slaves for other richer family. Child slavery occurs in the United States are always the black. This is a phenomenon of racist. Children are a gift from God. Therefore, they need to be nurtured, protected and respect. In a society permeated by child labour, child abuse, child marriage, child slavery, child trafficking and a disregard for the innocence of childhood, it is important to ensure that rights of every child remain a priority. Children should have a carefree childhood but not frightful memories that might cause them flesh crawl.There is some solution to ensure the rights of every child which need the cooperation from family, school, society, and law. Protection from family is the most important because children stay at most of the time, parents should always pay close attention to their child and make sure their children did not suffer bullying and excessive corporal punishment in school. Parents should only make sure that their child will not get hurt but not spoil them by listen to one-sided view and make complain to school.Second, school can also protect children in school by school law. This can prevent and decrease the rate of elder students bully younger students in school. Teacher should give some attention to their student. Hence, they could make sure their students do not have any trauma to come to school. School can provide protection by giving education to students. Knowledge is one of the weapons for children to protect themselves. Third, society should provide some protection to our child to prevent causes of physical and mental damage to them. Nowadays, domestic violence is a normal phenomenon in this world but we should stop it. Power of a person has a limit, however, a few or more people stand up and stop it can help our society to be more peaceful and less domestic violence occurs. Neighbour could play an important role in the society by report it to polis or related department so that the rate of domestic violence could be decreased.  Lastly, our country’s law should be amended within a few years to make sure that it could protect our children the most. The law should impose penalties on those who harm our children and cause them experienced trauma in their future life. This could be a lesson for those people who abuse children, at least they will think twice before they hurt the child. Law is used to protect people; children law should protect our children and give them have happy childhood memories.


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