Nowadays, share with their schoolmates and it will

                  Nowadays, using theelectronic textbooks have already been a controversial topic in the society.   Ihad divided the stakeholders into four different aspects, they are the government,environmental organization, school and parents.            Firstly, for the government aspect,using the original textbooks, paper wasting is the most serious problem at allas it will cause the global warming. Also, the prime cost of using theelectronic textbooks is lower that the original one as the suppliers need tocopy the materials over and over.

Lastly, the electronic textbooks are easy toprepare because the students maybe hard to buy the new textbooks at thebeginning of the school day, that will make them cannot overtake the lessons orthey will need to share with their schoolmates and it will be totallyinconvenient. But on the other hand, the government may need to providefinancial aid for the grass – roots unit.            Second, for the environmentalorganization, no doubt, it will be much environmentally – friendly that it canprotect the forest in order to increase the habitat for the animals. A organizationhas argue that polar bears today are thinner and less healthy than those of 20years ago and marmots end their hibernations about three weeks earlier nowcompared to 30 years ago. (Live Science, 2005) Just because of the globalwarming, it let the weather change a lot, increasing the carbon dioxide anddecreasing the oxygen.

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            Third, for the teachers aspect,teachers may agree to use the electronic textbooks in step of the originaltextbooks. The is because the teachers can update and download the informationeasily, for instance, they can update the school materials when they can athome, not to work at school necessary. Besides, it should be more interactivewith the students as they can insert the sound, videos and pictures in theelectronic textbooks. ( Remez Sasson, n.d. ) And for the students, this isbecause they will always be in touch with the electronic materials, that willcause the percentage of having the nearsighted will be increasing. Finally, ifthe students bring lots of printed book back to school, it will affect theirvertebra, for instance an e- book called On Global Citizenship, written byJames Tully.

The total number of this e – book is 369 pages. If students bringthis kind of thick book, not only one, they may not support. The screen doesnot have the same type of resolution like print on paper has. ( jar, 2010)             Lastly, for the parents aspect,E-book reading devices are surely more expensive than printed books. Alldevices of e-books require power that’swhy parents may need to pay high fee for buying materials and some of thestudents may cannot afford the maintenance. Moreover, parents may worry abouthow’stheir children studying.

Will their children be over addiction? Do the childrenknow how to write all the words as they will rely on the computer and just typethe words out. Furthermore, using the electronic textbooks need to be backupsince if the e-books lost, all the folders will not be found. (MCLAREN, 2008)           Tosum up, using the electronic textbooks still having many problems that we needto concern, the advantages and disadvantages we still need to think twicebefore action as we need to think of different aspects for that we had used theoriginal textbooks from beginning to the end, we ought to spend more time toadapt.    


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