Nowadays, traffic is worse than the usual,

Nowadays, spending 45 minutes or even up to two hours to get to work in the city and back is no longer unusual for those living outside the city, except during school holidays. Back to This situation is due to many factors. One of the factors is too many vehicles in one time, especially during peak hours (Ir Chin Kah Ting).

This is the major factor that lead to traffic congestion as the population in KK is increasing year by year, which mean the car ownership also increasing. (Kalvin Liaw, The Borneo Post). The increase in vehicles ownership is the reflection of residents in KK’s improving affordability (The Borneo Post, December 2016). Together with surrounding district of Penampang, Papar, Putatan and Tuaran with a population close to 1,000,000, Kota Kinabalu has been experiencing rapid development within the last 20 years. (Daily Express, March 2015). Residents in KK has to face the jammed to get to work, sending off their children to school, to get to the university or even to get to the shopping mall. The residents have to spend their time longer on the road and sometimes when the traffic is worse than the usual, they tend to be late to get to their destination. Previously, the Kota Kinabalu city Hall (DBKK) Traffic and Public Transport Department has constructed few flyovers at important road junction to reduce traffic congestion.

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Two of the flyovers was at the Jalan Lintas-Kolam and Jalan Lintas-Mile 5 Tuaran by-pass intersection (The Star Online, December 2016). However, the flyovers only reduce the congestion along the flyovers as it will put all the cars in one particular road at the end of the flyovers and the congestion will begin again.


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