Nowadays, from a normally person to antisocial. Not

Nowadays, use of drugs is a controversial topic in this society. In general, taking drugs and effect on it showed the direct link with the addicts. Drugs can found anywhere, so are the effect of drugs. When the drug affect the addicts, some effect will happen on the them in short or long term such as antisocial, losing their sight of goal and harming their health.
Firstly, a drug user will become antisocial expect the loved one such as family and their friends. They will avoid most or all the public situation after they have taking the drug over the times. For example, if a student was using the drug in the school, they will start to absent or quit the co-curricular activities or class. This type of person will always stay in their world and their mind after they involved in the drugs. This said that, they will withdrawal from normal social and may cause problem of various relationship. According to the Tinklenberg. J .R, (1975) , the both behaviour between taking drug without medical and antisocial are the complex. From this, taking drug will cause a person from a normally person to antisocial.
Not only drugs can cause someone become antisocial, but taking drugs will also cause a person losing sight of their life goal. They will lose sight of their future too. For example, if a student was taking drugs, he may stop attending to school or no done his homework. For a student taking drug, the college or university will not care anymore about it. They will quit the student from their college immediately. The parents of the student will also renounce their children even taking care them.


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