Nowadays, testing be banned for every country. Firstly,

Nowadays, animal testing has become a serious topic around the world. Animal testing is also known as animal experimentation or animal research. People used animals to test cosmetics and drugs to protect themselves from dangerous consequences. This is because animals such as hamsters are mammals which are biologically similar to humans. However, this behavior is cruel and unethical.

Hence, it’s a good idea that animal testing be banned for every country.Firstly, animal testing should be banned because humans have no rights to harm animals. Every creature in this world is equal. Animals deserve to have healthy shelter, clean water, good food and better treatment same as humans. Most people think that animals are just a dumb beast. They don’t realize that humans were animals too in the past. Thus, there are no reasons for treating animals in such inhumane way.

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Secondly, animals have feelings. They experience happiness, sadness, fear and anger just like humans. The only thing that animals differ from humans is they couldn’t talk and express their feelings directly. Moreover, animals feel suffers when undergo procedures during experiment. Sometimes, they even get killed by humans. Therefore, it’s wrong that people test on animals.

It is true that animal testing saved lives and make contribution to medical science. It helps researchers to find out drugs and treatments. Many medical treatments have been made conceivable by animal experimentation.

For example, cancer and HIV drugs, vaccines and insulin. But an animal test is unreliable. Drugs that pass animal tests are not necessarily safe. Hence, animal experimentation should be banned to avoid unbearable consequences.In conclusion, it is definitely good that animal testing be banned. This is because there are many alternative methods available to researches that can replace animal testing.

Do not let animals suffer for our own benefits.


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