Now given material process My mirror away

Now Researcher has taken second poem which is” Green Delusion” written by Farough Farrokhzad. In the analysis of this poem the italic format has been utilised for the stanza itself, bold format for the clause, functions of participant appear within the square brackets to show the function of participants, and factors which may help the reader to understand better the situation involved are shown using the round brackets
I wept all the day to my mirror
I behaver wept behavioural process all the day circumstance: temporal: duration to my mirror circumstance: spatial: place.
Spring had given
Spring actor had given material process
My mirror away
My mirror goal; refer to the female persona’s memories away
To the green delusion of the trees. goal
How cramped I was in my cocoon alone.
How circumstance: manner cramped attribute; adjective I carrier was relational process, in my cocoon circumstance; spatial alone attribute.
And the smell of my paper crown
The smell of my paper crown actor;
Had polluted the air
had polluted material process
Of that sunless land. goal
In this example, the speaker depicts her agonizing circumstance in her society which has been demonstrated through a behavioral process “wept” in a ceaseless circumstance “all the day” that’s repeated in nearly each stanza appearing that the speaker is incapable to discharge herself from this circumstance. According to Zaini et al. (2012, p.106), “society has constructed the belief that men and women act and behave differently to images of masculinity and femininity”, in this poem the word Green used as adjective for trees. The “sunless land air” connotes the dark angel of the female persona’s life due to the subjugated environment which governs women’s lives.

I couldn’t anymore, I couldn’t anymore
I actor could not material process any more circumstance,
The sounds in the alley, song of birds …
The sound actor in the alley adjective phrase; circumstance. Song of birds actor,
The song of felt balls fading,
The Song of felt balls fading actor
The fugitive hubbub, of children
The fugitive hubbub of children actor,
And the dancing balloons
And the dancing balloon behaver
Soaring up like a soap bubbles in the air
Soaring up behavioral process like circumstance; comparison soap bubbles behaver
In the air, At the end of their string stems
in the air at the end of their string stems circumstance; space
And the wind, the wind which seemed to be panting
And the wind, the wind actor which seemed to be panting behavioral process
In the deepest moments of lovemaking weighted
in the dark deepest of love making weighed behavioral process
heavily circumstance; manner
Calling my heart by name through old cervices.
Calling verbal process my heart goal by name circumstance; manner through old cervices circumstance.
The actor here tries to confront the reality of domesticity. According to Lee (2003, p. 1), the relationship between the language, culture, and identity is an intriguing one”;
What peak, what height?
What peak interrogative adjective what height integrative adjective?
What did you give me Oh simple
What goal did you give me recipient oh exclamatory word, repetition
Oh renunciation of bodies and desires!
Oh exclamatory word, renunciation of body and desires actor.
If I stuck a flower in my hair
If condition symbol I actor stuck material process a flower carrier, goal in my hair circumstance,
Would it not be more delightful than this fraud?
would it not be question more delightful attribute
Than this paper crown mouldering on my head.
mouldering material process on my head circumstance.
In these linesthe arrangement of question and shout marks appear the substitute examining of her two personalities as a author and a wife and a mother. The female persona’s situation here shows her as a “recipient” who is a “Participant in the role in the transitivity structure of material clause which benefit from the performance of the process Recipient benefits from the gift of goods” ((Matthiessen, Teraya ; Lam, 2010)
What peak, what heights?
What interrogative adjective peak, what interrogative adjective, repetition heights?
Give me sanctuary, o anxious lamps
Give material process me recipient sanctuary goal, O exclamatory word; anxious adjective, lamps noun
And o you bright, doubting houses,
And O exclamatory word you addressee bright attribute, doubting houses adjective and noun
Where laundry sways in the arms of your fragrant smoke on sunlit roofs.
Where circumstance; spatial laundry behaver sways behavioral process in the arms of your fragrant smoke circumstance; place on sunlit roofs circumstance: place
Give me sanctuary, o you simple perfect woman;
Give material process me recipient sanctuary goal, O exclamatory word you addressee simple perfect women addressee
Whose finger delicately trace the foetus turning
Whose antecedent fingers adjective clause delicately circumstance; manner trace material process the foetus goal turning material process deliciously circumstance; manner; adverb
Azad (1968) believes that Farrokhzad doubted all common social beliefs and presented her misgivings explicitly since her poetry signifies her silence after passing a period of pain.
What peak, what a height
Give me sanctuary, ,

Give material process me indirect object; recipient sanctuary goal.
O glowing hearts o good luck horseshoes,
O exclamatory word, glowing hearts attribute and carrier; addressee O exclamatory words, good-luck horseshoes compound adjective and noun; addressee,
And O, chanting copper pots in the blackened kitchen,
Chanting copper pots in the blackened kitchen addressee,
O doleful buzzing of sewing machine
O exclamatory word, doleful buzzing attribute of sewing machine carrier, and attribute; addressee
O day and night fight between carpets and brooms
oexclamatory word, day and night between carpets and broomsaddressee, give me repetition, material process
Give me sanctuary, o rapacious loves
Give material process me recipient sanctuary goal.
O exclamatory word, rapacious loves attribute and carrier; addressee
Whose agonizing urge for survival
Whose adjective agonizing behaver urge behavioral process, for survival prepositional phrase,
Grasses your bed of feats with magical water
Grasses material process your bed of feat goal with magical water accompaniment.
The repetition of the “give me a sanctuary” via those 3 stanzas indicates the woman’s obsession to discover a manner to attain the matters she has been excluded from. Lakoff (1975) theorises that women speak in a passive voice.
All the day, all day long
All day, all day long circumstance; duration,
Forsaken as a drowned corps forsaken
forsaken attribute, as a drowned corpse participle as adjective, attribute
I marched towards that grates rocks
I actor, marched material process,
Towards the caverns below the deepest sea
towards caverns below the deepest sea circumstance; spatial
And the most carnivorous fishes
And the most carnivorous fish circumstance
Desperation had outgrown my spirit’s capacity
Desperation actor, had outgrown material process, my spirit’s capacity goal.
And the spring and that green delusion
And the spring and the green delusion behaver,
Passing by the window, whispered softly into my heart
Passing behavioral process, by the window circumstance; spatial; place, whispered behavioral process, softly circumstance; manner, into my heart circumstance; place,
Behold interrogative verb,
You never went on
You addressee never circumstance; duration, went on Material process,
You drawn down
you addressee, draw down material process.
According to Dastgheib (1968), Farrokzad’s fear of erosion always pursued her.
She saw herself as much a thirty-year-old unhappy woman anybody used to be pissed offamong an age who that believed should stand a majority regarding perfection. In that way, the modality process “could not” who is repeated suggests the woman’s hopelessness after discover road oversea out of her limitation yet that imagines yet “senses” a lethal thing who’s loss of life through the “mental system.


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