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Now is the time to become computer literate. Now is the time to becomefamiliar and comfortable with the computer because in the future we will becomevirtually a paperless society and many daily activities will be linked to thecomputer.Mail delivery to the home and business will be almost entirely phasedout and e-mail will replace it. Bills will come via the computer and paid thesame way. Pay checks will be electronically deposited to your bank account. Onspecial occasions such as birthdays, greeting cards will be sent from yourcomputer to your loved ones computer.

Shopping malls will become cyber malls and we will do our shopping viathe computer. You will be able to view on your monitor how you would look in acertain outfit you are considering to buy. Imagine traveling over the entiremall in a comfortable in front of your computer.

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Push a button and the entirestock of a store will be at your finger tips. When you do go to a store to shopyou will not use money. You will use either a credit card or debit card whichwill automatically deduct the amount if you purchase from your bank account.Our homes will be run by computers. Computers will adjust thetemperature.

Home appliances will be linked to the computer. Imagine drivinghome from work and calling your computer and having it start dinner for you.Have it adjust the temperature so your home will be a comfortable temperaturewhen you arrive. Window covering will be adjusted to allow the correct amount ofsunlight in. Light fixtures will automatically adjust to the right level oflight in your home.

The way of business conducted be entirely changed. Instead of longdistance business trips, business will be conducted via interactive tele-conferences. Documents and files will be stored on computers hard drives. Muchof this is done today but in the future it will expand as we become a paperlesssociety.Many workers will not have to go to a place of employment. They willwork from their homes via the computer.

For those who do have to drive to workit will become less stressful as computer help to keep traffic congestion down.Cars will have on board computers to keep them aware of road conditions, trafficbackups, and which route is best to take. On board computer will also replacemaps and give directions from your current location to where you are going. Ifyou happen to get lost your computer will get you back to the correct road.

The education system will also join the computer age. Every student willhave access to a computer. Text books will be on disks.

Students will haveaccess to a vast amount of reference material via the computer modem from faraway universities and other institutions. Home work will done on the computer.Instead of turning in papers on which you have done your homework you willeither turn in a disk or send it to your teachers by a modem.

Teachers will nolonger have to spend hours grading papers. Homework and in class work will begraded by the computer. Test will be taken on the computer and you will know assoon as you finish you will know what your score is. At the end of the gradingperiod your teacher will just punch a few keys on her computer and your reportcards will print out as the computer keeps track of all your grades for thequarter.

Some classes will be conducted by interactive teleconferences much thesame business conferences are conducted. This will give students in smallschools the same educational opportunities as those in the larger school systems.Our leisure time will also be affected by the expanded use of computers. In thefuture the home communication system { phones, e-mail, faxes, and modems} and tvservice will be integrated into one system.

If you want to read the newspaperyou will not have to travel to the driveway to pick it up. Just flip on your tvand with the aid of your computer pull up the paper on your screen and read.Magazines will be available the same way. If you want to watch a movie and justturn on the tv and you will receive a list of what is on.

Order by the computerand sit back and enjoy the movie. Video games will be available to play on yourtv the same way. People whose hobbies are collecting things such as card orstamps can receive the latest information on their collections from the computer.Find yourself putting on a few extra pounds spending all your time infront of your computer system. You can get exercise programs and a computergenerated diet geared to your specific needs from your computerSo to be a productive person in the future you will need to prepared forthe future so NOW IS THE TIME! Category: Technology

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