December technical expertise 5)creative-generate original ideas 6)self

December 4, 2001
I)I.O Psychology-study of human behavior in the workplace.

I.O Psychologist-They dont do therapy with people who work. They watch job interviews, they look at stress, anything that has to do with behavior at the job.

a)The Hawthorne Project 1937-in Chicago at an electric company, this company mad telephones and other equipment.
The hawthorne affect-the finding that workers who were observed increased their productivity regardless of what actual changes were made in the work state.
II)Economic Decision-Making
The escalation affect-the tendency for investors to remain commited to a losing course of action.

-To minimize the escalation affect you remove who made the initial investment and get other people to asset the data.

The sunk cost principle-the economic rule of the thumb that only future costs and benefits not past commitments should be considered in making a decision.

III)Approaches to leadership
-unite others to the pursuit of a common goal.

The classic trait program-the identification of traits that characterize great leaders from the past.

8 Traits For Great Leadership
1)strong cognative ability-basically meaning your intelligent
2)drive, high-energy level, ambition, need for achievment
3)Able to motivate
4)they had technical expertise
5)creative-generate original ideas
6)self confidence
7)Integrity-they are open, reliable, honest
8)Flexible-able to adapt different situations
The contingiousy model of leadership-that the theory of leadership affectiveness is determined both of personal characteristics of leader and the control afforded by the situation.

Task oriented leaders-these people are single mindedly focused on the job, get the job done!!!
Relations oreinted leaders-these people lead for their concern for their employees.

Transactional leadership-its a leader who gains compliance and support from followers primarily through goal setting and the use of reports. This is a two exchange between the worker and the management.

Transformational Leadership-this is a leader who inspires followers to transcend their own needs in the interest of a common cause.

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