Not his humour of absurdity and his various

Not many of us know the French novelist, Boris Vian. However, his book the `Froth on the Daydream` is more an existentialist painting than a book, whatever it is.  A romantic, Surrealist coloured canvas about love and the cruel magic of life.  The novel`s fresh, jazzy, poetic and creative language surrounds the soul and lets it hope secretly that every trouble and bitterness is just permanent. Vian`s playful imagination and his `humour is the politeness of despair. ` He did not feel satisfied only to be a writer. His pursuit as a polymath clearly represented in the `Froth on the Daydream`.  The protagonist is a shy inventor, a `hungry for love ` type of man, Collin.  His darling, Chloe is a simple woman, who seems more food than flesh (“her golden skin was as soft and sweet as marzipan”; “Her spun hair flowed freely, exhaling a heady perfume of pink jasmine”).  So sweet. We are the audience of their delicate, borderless, fulfilled love story from Vian`s perching rhythmical pen. With his humour of absurdity and his various mad inventions (such as the pianocktail, a modified piano that produces cocktails based on whatever jazz tune you care to play), he attacks who prefer fake values, the pose –filled snobbism representatives.  Behind Vian`s surprising sayings, synchs and surrealistic situations the main point is the pure human instincts. This is the only thing that can roll the actions, LOVE.  The reader’s marvelous smile will soon be a lousy laugh, which suddenly freezes in the face. The inordinate happiness of lovers is suddenly a horrible blow from destiny: the unlockable tragedy. Chloe catches an illness; a lotus grows in her lungs. It can be only cured with flowers. Thus, Collin has to work that relates how his existence darkens gradually. Their  Sense of woozy, magical freedom that filled Paris after the liberation put an end to the worst years of privation.  


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