Nostradamus book named the Les Phropeties which

Nostradamus was a famous French prophet, physicist and an astrologer. He was bestknown for his book named the Les Phropeties which was published in 1555 after his death inwhich he predicts pivotal events of the future.Over the years the it has been proved that mostof his predictions turned out to be true which includes the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, in1945; the French Revolution in 1789; the Space Shuttle Challenger accident in 1986; theApollo moon landing in 1969; both World Wars;the death of Princess Diana in 1997; 9/11terrorist attack on World Trade Center in 2001,The death of the Rajiv Gandhi, NarendraModi becoming India’s Prime Minister and so on.He had also forseen that the the end of theworld will be slated in the year of 3797.

Nostradamus’s predictions in 2018 incorporates the natural disasters like the bigeruptions of Vesuvius volcano and floods,the collapsing of the global economy,World WarIII. Nostradamus wrote in his book Les Propheties that “The war will begin in France and allEurope will be attacked mercilessly causing a huge destruction of many lives which will lastfor more than 27 years."Many scholars and commentators have predicted China, Russia andNorth Korea will unite to fight against the US.One of the major disaster of the world that he had predicted is about the Mullaperiyardam of Kerala.Dam has outlived over its period predicted by the Britisher who hadconstructed it is at the stake of falling apart because of the deformities like cracks.Most of theFrench scholars and British archaeologists studied Nostradamus’s Quatrine about the foretelland concluded the geographical area that indicates the Mullaperiyar Dam.Nostradamus wrotedestruction will be followed by the earthquake which would consecutively lead to thedemolition of the dam and would wipe away five major districts of the state parting it intotwo.This would endanger the life over 35 lakhs people.According to the studies it wouldlikely to happen on 2020 July 6th,7th and 8th.Nostradamus has been credited immensely all over the world for his interpretation ofthe future.Nostradamus did not make any facts in his predictions rather he made postdictions.The predictions which will only make sense after the particular pivotal event is notpredictions at all.

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