North that North Korea poses to the U.S

North Korea has the power to be able launch a nuclear warhead to at least Los Angeles but many scientist believe they can launch one to Chicago and even New York because of this huge threat that North Korea poses to the U.S this causes many countries to be worried because of the alliances that countries have where if one country is attack it’s an attack to every country this will cause many countries to be in fear because they don’t want to get into a war with North Korea. North Korea has been making threats to the U.S  causing countries part of this alliance to be concerned.

With recent Nuclear Warhead missile testing this is making many countries in fear many experts know how far the ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) many do not know how accrete the missile is. What many do fear is if nuclear war was to happen what would happen to South Korea because of how radioactive the material is because of this many countries are concerned and unsure of what to do.While many options have been brought up and suggested of what to do with North Korea. There are really a few that would be very effective.While the US needs to think what’s in the best interest for not only itself as a country but also how it would benefit the world and not hurt other countries like South korea and even Japan.

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The history of North Korea is in recent years they have been threatening with nuclear war and also testing nuclear bombs with breaks the international law set by the UN and is also breaking sanctions deals they have with countries.Because of North Korea’s theretes  “any time a nation threatens preemptive nuclear war, there is cause for concern North Korea”(“North Korea Promises) Now that North Korea  able to make more plutonium which is the active ingredient  in a nuclear warhead. “Analyst suggest it is capable of producing around six kilograms of plutonium a year -enough for a nuclear bomb” (Martin) North Korea has a sort of way to make a bomb this concern’s many countries North Korea broke there deal to not have this plant active anymore  “North korea suspended activity at the reactor in 2007 under an aid-for-disarmament deal,but began renovation it after its last nuclear test in 2013” (Martin) Now that this reactor is up and running they are getting rid of many sactions that they have had a chance to keep which makes other countries not want to make deals with them.

Many experts predict there to be a nuclear war breaking out they don’t know when because north korea is being very threatful but not doing anything when they make these threats. While There have been many problems pointed out about North Korea there must be a solution on how to fix this  while there are some solutions better than others some could be to take out major government figures and to restart. Many North Korean people don’t know the outside world beside their own country they only know what the government filters about them.There people think the rest of the world live the


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