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North Cyprus is a small island located in the Mediterranean,a very popular destination amongst tourists especially the young tourists lookingto spend their summer holiday abroad. North Cyprus has the three “S” qualitieswhich tourists look for SUN, SEA AND SAND.

North Cyprus is known for its rich history,clean clear blue beaches, unpolluted nature and authentic Turkish culture fortourist to experience. For many year tourist and travellers where accommodatedat hotels however  over timeespecially  with the growth of propertydevelopment , tourists have seemed to shift away from the traditional 5 starhotel holidays to a more independent and individual holiday which is rentingsummer villas. This thesis study will be based on examining the growth of villatourism in Northern Cyprus and the future of villa tourism in general. Image1. A villa in North Cyprus      1.

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1. VILLATOURISM IN NORTH CYPRUSVilla tourism is a growing sector in North Cyprus,nowadays tourists seem to prefer to rent a villa of their own choice andpreference for either a short or long stay. There are many different villa accommodationsto suit a tourist and their potential family’s budget and individual needs andwants like swimming pool, garden and full furniture. During recent years moretourists choose to rent their own villas rather than spending their holiday ina full or half board hotels where a tourist will be required to be on time forcheck-in, morning, and lunch and dinner times. When a tourist chooses to rent avilla, they will have the complete freedom to enjoy where the holidays as theydesire rather than following the rules of a hotel. Over the years villa tourismhas become more popular among tourists, the hot climate in Cyprus is at itspeak during the months of June July and August the time where North Cyprusattracts all the tourism, also studies have shown us the decrease of touristschoosing to stay at hotels and has been replaced with villas.  1.2.

TOURISM ANDSHORT STAY ACCOMMODATION IN NORTH CYPRUS Short stay accommodation is normally the tourists’preference in North Cyprus rather than a long stay especially during the summermonths which is the peak for tourism and holiday goers. During the summermonths villa rentals are at the very highest and in demand. As a result thiswill boost the economy with more tourist coming meaning more money and currencycoming into the island.

Most incoming tourists are usually European so it’s no surpriseto declare, they choose Mediterranean island like North Cyprus to spend theirshort term summer holidays in the summer season. Tourism is a growing majorindustry in North Cyprus. Short stay villa tourism and rentals has greatbenefits on the economy, there are many different types of villa rentals suchleisure tourism, family tourism , religion tourism, sports tourism and businesstourism all which involves short stay via rental. (TRNC Fact Book, 2014)    1.3.ACCOMMODATION FOR TRAVELERS AND TOURISTS There are several accommodation options for touristsand travellers to accommodate their short stay depending on their budgets,while they are holidaying in North Cyprus.

 Here in North Cyprus every tourist has a huge varietyof accommodation preferences to choose from. They fall into many categories in size,style and services. The categories below will show the options available 1.

Hotels: Paid accommodations (which vary in starsnormally rated from one star to five stars) that provide lodging services, food,leisure centres, recreation facilities and entertainment such as shows orspecial event concerts to satisfy tourist needs and wants. Mostly used by youngindividuals and families 2. Apartments (also known as flats): self-contained accommodationbuilding containing multiple numbers of units (blocks) tourists choosingapartments will have the full independence and freedom to enjoy their holidaysas they desire without following the rules and regulations of a hotel. Howevertourists will be required to pay for the summer expenses such electricity,water bills etc.

as well the apartment renting price. 3. Villa: A large luxurious detached house with alarge garden, most normally comes accommodated with a swimming pool. Largebedrooms, luxurious kitchen and en-suite bathroom.                                                                                              4.

Bed and breakfast(B): An independent runaccommodation offered by a inn, hotel or private home consisting of a room forthe night and breakfast the following morning for one inclusive price 5. Boutique type accommodation: Boutiqueaccommodations are usually located in Kyrenia, Lapta and the Bellapais area. A boutiquehotel is a small hotel with an estimated 10 to 100 rooms normally located infashionable urban locations over Cyprus. Boutique hotels gives tourists the opportunityto taste and experience local traditional Cypriot cultures. Most boutiquehotels in North Cyprus are old historically rich buildings which have beenrefurbished and modernized for hospitality.

 6. Bungalows: A house that usually has only onestorey, small but comfortable mostly used by the elderly tourist who do notwish to strain themselves by using stairs. The bungalows in North Cyprus are usuallylocated in the countryside of Küçük Erenköy, around the Esentepe area andKarpaz area; all bungalows have mountain and sea views. Tourists will have thepleasure of enjoying the peaceful surroundings and nature of the sea andmountains as bungalows are mostly located out of town. Also unique woodenhouses would give them the joy of compactness of those small houses.

 7. Traditional village houses: fitted with woodenfurniture, all rooms feature a balcony, air conditioning and kitchens. Thehouses have swimming pools which guests can relax, also they are situated in uniquelocation from which guests or tourists can explore the mountains nearby withthe choice of hiking and to see the old mosques and churches (left from the GreekCypriots before 1974)    1.4. SEASONALACCOMODATIONS Seasonal accommodations in North Cyprus whether longterm or short term are available all year round.

North Cyprus is the 3rdlargest island of the Mediterranean. The Winter season is usually very shortbut cooler and rainy between the months of December to February. During thespring months of March, April and May, this period can be a very pleasant timefor tourists to visit Northern Cyprus, especially the elderly who wouldnormally prefer the warm spring weather rather than the peak of the heat duringthe summer months.

Villa rental is available all year round but is at its peakduring the summer season. Due to the large amount of universities in NorthCyprus students who are obviously here for the long term stay, rent themajority of the villas to share with their friends, mostly students withwealthier backgrounds rent the villas. The elderly and young families tend torent luxury villas with pools, while the younger generation who come to Cypruswould prefer to spend their summer holidays in 5 star hotels.

   1.5. SHORT STAYACCOMMODATION FOR TOURIST GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONSGovernment and non-government organizations havevisited Northern Cyprus in the past and continue so now in the present for instancefor cultural peace promoting, research organizations, youth organizations whichnormally involves both Turkish and Greek youths from North and South Cyprus inan attempt to put their ethnic background and differences behind them and bond.Health organizations from abroad to give lectures to students and children onhow be aware of deadly diseases and their prevention.

In recent years politicalfigures, representatives and the politicians themselves have visited North Cyprusto discuss the well-known Cyprus issue, to accommodate these distinguishedguests tourism operators will arrange villas or five star hotels to be madeavailable immediately during their short term visit, the same also applies tobusiness owners from Turkey who make frequent visits to Cyprus in hope of expandingtheir business to Cyprus which in turn creates more jobs for the generalpublic. Most organizations visit for a short period of time and would normallychoose a five star hotel, however now with the rise of villa tourism and itsrentals as well as its rising popularity, organization members coming to NorthCyprus are spoilt for choice. Tourists that visit North Cyprus most of the timeleave satisfied which influences their choice to return to Cyprus the followingyear.     1.6. LOCATION OFLOCAL ENTERTAINMENT FACILITIES FOR SHORT STAY VISITORS  North Cyprus has many local entertainment facilitiesboth near walking distance or far via transportation, for tourist to enjoywhile they visit Cyprus below are the most well-known and popular locations a touristor traveller will most likely visit.

 Kyrenia (Girne): Often considered the heart of Cyprusfor its natural beauty, historical locations such as the ancient Kyrenia Castle.Kyrenia is also the heart of nightlife for the young generation and popularamongst young tourists with plenty to offer such as beach parties yacht toursand clubs. Beautiful beaches of Kyrenia are another reason for touristattraction.  Famagusta (Gazima?usa): Famagusta also offersnightlife though not as superior to Kyrenia for young tourists howeverFamagusta is a city known for its rich history and natural beaches. Most of thewar was fought in Famagusta, therefore leaving a large amount of historicalleftovers which are now in museums for tourists to observe.

Mostly Famagusta isvisited by more senior tourists who have interest in history which Famagustaalways delivers with its ancient city Salamis, many Gothic churches, citywalls, ancient port and dead city Varosha.  Nicosia (Lefkosa): Capital of North Cyprus. Nicosiamay not have seaside or beaches, however with its continuous renovation of thecity and the opening of new shopping centres makes Nicosia a city not to misswhile holidaying in North Cyprus. Post the 1974 war Cyprus has been dividedwith a north and south Cyprus with Greek Cypriots living in the south, touristswho are curious and wonder what the south side of Cyprus may offer can haveaccess through Nicosia.

Also Nicosia always been the centre during ancienttimes. Therefore, monuments of the city are worth seeing with their historicalfeatures such as Gothic Cathedral, Venetian city walls and gates and post-warmuseums. 1.7. THE ECONOMYOF TOURISM Tourism makes an important and sizeable contributionfor every nation’s economy which is why it’s such an important industry forNorth Cyprus.

For many years even since before the 1974 war ,tourism has beenthe main contribution to the North Cyprus economy providing jobs, increasinggdp growth, bringing huge numbers of profit to the island though domesticspending by tourists. Due to the hot climate in Northern Cyprus tourist mostlyprefer to come during the summer season. With more private investors from Turkeyinvesting in hotels, entertainment facilities and property development thisgreatly contributes to the economic growth of North Cyprus. The sectors whichreally reap the rewards from tourists are hotels and villa rental agents, becausethe first priority for a tourist will be to book their accommodation which as aresult of bringing in decent profits, secondly local independent stores and restaurantsas tourists will be eager to see what traditional Cypriot stores have to offeras well trying out traditional Cypriot food, all of this is contribution toeconomy as whole. (TRNC Fact Book, 2014)  1.8.

VILLA RENTALSTO SUIT EACH INDIVIDUALS BUDGETWe must acknowledge that every tourist, visitor or travellerwill not have the same financial background or situation. As a result touristswho are interested in renting a villa for their short stay holiday will have torent within their budget. Fortunately villa estate agents in North Cyprus havea variety of options for the tourist to choose from  large house including built in pool andgarden (for the wealthier tourist) to significantly smaller but still highquality villa with only  a fewdifferences for instance a smaller garden and no pool (for the economically onbudget tourist).


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