North 13.8 percent ($2395 million) and 11.5

North America: The leading supplier of rolling stock inNorth America is GE Transportation with 18 percent market share and $2018million revenue. Freight carriers Trinity Rail and Greenbrier’s North Americamarket share market is 16.2 percent and 15.

2 percent respectively. While CRRC,Siemens, and Bombardier follow with 10.2, 6.2, and 6 percent market share,respectively.EMEA: EMEA is a highly competitive market with majorsuppliers from China, Japan, and Europe competing for market share. Bombardieris the leading rail rolling stock provider in Europe, Middle East, and Africa,with 20 percent market share and $2396 million revenue. Alstom and Siemensfollow with 13.

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8 percent ($2395 million) and 11.5 percent ($1993 million)market share, respectively. New suppliers like Stadler has entered EMEA regionwith 9.

4 percent market share ($1637 million), while freight carrier fromRussia, CJSC Transmashholding own 9.2 percent market share ($1598 million). Inrecent years, Asian suppliers such as Hitachi Rail and CRRC have startedcollaborating with European suppliers to strengthen their presence in theEuropean region and their market share is 5 percent each.

Asia Pacific: CRRC is the undisputed leader in the rollingstock market with 77.3 percent ($26,884 million) market share.  Japanese suppliers Hitachi Rail, Kawasaki, andNippon Sharyo has 1.3 percent ($483 million), 3.3 percent ($1153 million), 1percent ($316 million) market share respectively.

While European suppliers likeBombardier, Siemens, and Alstom has 2.6 percent ($901 million), 2 percent ($712million), and 1.7 percent ($617 million) market share respectively. Latin America: CAF SA has the highest market sharewithin the rolling stock industry in Latin America.

It has 15.2 percent ($226.2million) market share. ARC notices competitive market landscape with supplierslike Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom, and Hitachi Rail having approximately 10 – 12percent market share each.


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