Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are helping BP work on

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are helping BP work on new projects, this has helped BP gain communication methods as, they are working with a complete new team of people and they are often consulting with relevant local and international NGOs, who can give them opportunities to provide specialized expertise on managing impacts. BP also engage with NGOs at a group level. Referring back to 2013, BP discussed biodiversity, climate change and energy policy, financial transparency, human rights and operating in sensitive areas in arranged meetings where BP and NGO’s got to express their new ideas that they have which can give both sides completed control over an idea, if they feel that it will make a wide range of difference to the business however;it can also help with new levels of promotion that BP may not have explored but, with help from a variety of new people who may have experience in this section, which could help and train new employees to keep up to level with the levels of new customers interested, and helping people finding out more information.

About 90,000 consumers in more than 15 countries participated in BP’s global tracking research programmes in 2013, answering questions ranging from how they rate BP on customer satisfaction in relation to its competitors to the degree to which they recognize the brand and use the products and services that they provide.

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