Since still there was an astronomical difference

Since my school days, I saw different kinds of students. There was a wide spectrum of people having diverse living standards, income etc. I enquired about the reason for this disparity. One surprising fact came to the fore , that was “More or less everyone’s guardian worked for the same amount of time but still there was an astronomical difference in their earnings”. I interrogated my seniors, relatives about it. General opinion of everyone was that it was all economics. Each one mentioned something about demand and supply and other economic terms but that could not clarify my doubts.With each such discussion I could understand a little better but the replies couldn’t satisfy me.

So I always wished to go in depth of economics to answer my questions. Also I always liked to have my own firm and carve for myself a place in the corporate world. I used to get inspired by the interviews of big Industrialists, businessman, CEO etc. My father is a hard core businessman. Naturally I was brought up in an aura of business and related activities . I had seen lot of deals being finalized, orders accepted, bonuses, salaries etc. in my presences.

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I heuristically came to know of economics, accounts etc.As with every child’s career, there is some wish of their parents also. My father also wanted me to do a major in economics. Naturally so, as he was close to this field and knew very well what a future in it would be like.

Also I could receive my father’s help to study economics. Every time that I observed the dealings, workings of my father, many a times I thought of better ways of dealing with the situations and always wanted to implement that. But I was persuaded that there were a lot more intricacies in everything and economics has archive of all this.In my school there were students from a large number of countries. Also my friend circle comprised of people from diverse countries.

They all were interested in economics, business. We had long discussions amongst ourselves upon various business ideas. We have decided to use our relations fruitfully to setup a successful international business. I discussed with them about my thoughts which I wished to implement, as mentioned earlier. We decided to implement all that in our firm and naturally everyone was going deep in the field to search over it.So unknowingly we had started exploring the intricacies of economics. This again deepened my interest for the subject.

After that I shifted to another school following British system (earlier one followed American system). There again I was fortunate to form a similar group. Gradually I learned more of market, meaning of terms like demand, supply, marginal productivity etc.

became clearer. Gradually my observation of market and its activities increased. I began to participate more in activities that had something ECONOMICS in it. Meanwhile, Amartya Sen from India received Nobel Prize in economics.For the first time I came to know that there was a Nobel Prize also for economics, which explained the subject’s importance for the world. I went through his writings and was highly moved by it. I realized that the ideas which I was inventing through my school days were also not too bad compared to his and if polished and well researched could fetch me a Nobel prize. Though this may look a bit over-ambitious but I love challenges and began to see a ray of hope for my Nobel in this field.

I wish to contribute something exceptional to the world in the field of economics.My liking for the field turned into a penchant. During my high school breaks, I used to work as a news writer. There I had the opportunity to visit and write on thick of things. My way of looking, evaluating things got a new dimension. I also had the opportunity to come in contact with great people having diverse view on the subject.

I am also fluent in two languages English and Thai, so I read a lot of first hand article on Thailand’s (it’s a flourishing economy) economics and of some other countries also All these events and my longing for a Nobel in economics persuaded me to do my majors in economics.

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