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No matter how loud I shout: a year in the life of Juvenile CourtEdward Humes – Simon & Schuster Paperbacks – 2015Book SummaryPulitzer-Prize winner Edward Humes, writes on the concerns of the Juvenile court system in the United States in the 1990s. Humes was a counselor to some of the juveniles as well as their writing teacher. Humes tracks seven of the juveniles through the California justice system.

Elias Elizondo – Described as verbally gifted and absorbed into gang life. He writes poems. Geri Vance – An accomplice of murder, spends much of his time writing as autobiography. George Trevino – A poet raised by the state because of his troubled home life and in a gang.

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Ronald Duncan – A sociopathic killer unremorseful of his crimes but too young to be an adult.Carla James – A young gangbanger because of the thrill. Smart, and charming. Had good grades. John Sloan – A Korean boy from a good family, drawn to gang life and convicted or robbery. Andre – A gangbanger reformed through helping a handicapped girl.

Went on to school.The seven kids described in Humes’ book was failed by the juvenile system through their failure and neglect as an institution and the overreaction of the public which made nothing better for the public, the victims, or the perpetrators.


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