I. provide welfare for everyone, which would mean

I. Civil RightsA. Some people, mostly blacks, did not get equal rights.B. Nixon believed fundamentaly in responsible civil rights policy onthe part of the federal government.II.

Health Care IssuesA. People believed in having health care for everyone, and being takencare of from the goverments money.B. Nixon believed that there should be health care for everyone,employer mandates, pharmancy care, and preventive care.III. Law EnforcementA. Crime increased and drud use began to bloom.

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B. Nixon believed that the judiciary had moved too far to the left.IV. Nutrition and Human NeedsA. Nutrition and Health programs were needed to teach people aboutthier human needs.B. Nixon believed in being concerned with people’s health and thinksthat programs like Meals on Wheels are good for teaching people about nutrition andfood.

V. PovertyA. More and more people began to lose thier homes, causing poverty torise up.B.

Nixon believed that the only way to end the war on poverty is forthe goverment to provide welfare for everyone, which would mean raising taxes,which means more poverty. He says there is always going to be poverty.Category: Biographies


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