Nikolai about his missing nose. As he

Gogol’s story “The Nose” is divided into three separate parts. The first part
takes place on the 25th of March, when Ivan Yakovlevich, a barber by
profession, cuts in half a freshly made bread. To his surprise, he finds a nose
inside of the bread, which he later on recognizes to belong to one of his
regular customers – Major Kavalyov (a Collegiate Assessor). As soon as Ivan’s
wife sees the nose she demands him to get rid of it as fast as possible, which
leads him to an attempt to throw it into the Neva River. However, he was caught
by a police officer.  The second part
begins with the awakening of Major Kovalyov and his discovery about his missing
nose. As he looks himself at the mirror he can see that there is a flat and
smooth skin on the place of his nose. He gets seriously nervous as he
understands that this situation would worsen his chances in finding a suitable
wife. Therefore, he decides to go to the chief of the police and to report what
has happened. On his way, Major Kavalyov manages to see his nose walking on the
street and pretending to be a completely separate individual with its own
unique personality. The nose was dressed with a uniform, thus making him look
as an important official. Major Kavalyov manages to get close to his nose and
speak to him, however the nose turns down the offer to go back to his face. After
that Kavalyov decides to contact the chief of the police. Unfortunately, he was
not home at the time so the Major got the idea to post an advertisement about
his lost nose in the newspaper. Sadly, the newspaper declines the idea of such
an ad and Kavalyov has to return home empty handed. As he returns home he finds
the police officer and Ivan Yakovlevich, who returns his nose. Kovalyov seems extrely happy, however he soon realizes
that he cannot reattach his nose. He gets help from a doctor, but the result is
the same. The last part is relatively short, however it shows the ending of the
story. It takes place on the 7th of April, when Kovalyov wakes up and to his
surprise he finds his nose reattached to his face. Once this miracle happened
he finally gets relieved of his stress and goes back to his natural habits. 


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