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In 1920 after the Vote was finally won, the Women rights movement went on in several paths. Many women thought that this march will not be an ongoing struggle but females thought it to be the entire opposite. The Women office of the Labor Department was formed where information was gathered about each and every women working and to make necessary changed if required. Alice Paul in 1923 who was the president of the National Woman’s Party took a necessary step. She tried to implement an ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) in which throughout the US men and women will have the same rights.Different to the frequent misapprehension, the Women’s Rights Movement did not commence till the 1960s.

In the 1960s the activism’s second wave that came into the eyes of the public, ignited by numerous independent events of the unstable ten years. These events brought different sections of the population into this movement. In between this time, many college women were playing an active part in the civil rights movement as well as the anti war movement. This was their purpose. Many women felt that men were blocking their way because they felt that women are not meant to be leaders instead they should only make food and clean the house.Young women started their own women liberty organization which addressed their status and role in these movements and also in the society. (Robin Morgan, 1996) New Topics comes in front The women rights movement re-emerging meant that all the women worked either separately or together on a number of issues.

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Some women worked on the basic projects including starting cafes, women newspaper and bookstores. Shelters for the battered women were also opened up and a hotline for rape crisis of the rape victims, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse could access this hotline. Child care centers were established so that women can work.Health care professional who were women opened special clinics for women to guide them about family planning and birth control, also offering services of abortion for lower class women. These clinics were very safe where a number of issues could be discussed about health and different forms of treatment were also experimented. The amendment of Equal right re-emerges The Equal Rights Amendment re surfaced in 1982 after decaying in Congress for nearly over five decades.

It was finally passed and sent to numerous states for approval. Thirty eight states approved the amendment of equal rights.The words of Equal rights amendment were easy which meant that equal rights are to be given to both the sexes and no state of United States can deny it. This equal rights Amendment proved to be a terrific opportunity for many women across the United States.

Many women became involved in the Women Rights movement right in their own society. Like numerous other issues which were being battled out through the courts in congress, this proved to be the only which in which each state could decide individually. Many organizations for women arranged their members to raise money and also gain more support for the Equal rights amendment.Parades were organized in important states which brought supporters in the number of thousands. Meetings in houses, door to door, and each and every event that any one could think was implemented by the women, out of which many had no political background. Dollars and checks were being transferred to the headquarters and the organizations of women rights were soaring to new heights. Each and every publication of women had stories written on the implementation of Equal right amendment and the growth of the authorization movement.

(Maren Lockwood Carden, 2005)

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