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New York State is the thirteenth largest city in the United States with the population of 19, 889,657 people living there. However, New york city has more than 40 of the 50 people living in the United States and  makes it the biggest city.  New York City has the highest population density of any major city in the United States with over 27,000 people. The population takes up two fifths of New York State’s entire population. People from all races living in the State of New York, with more people entering for jobs and several different opportunities. This means  New York diversity is only going to grow giving New York a richer cultural identity than it already has. New York City takes up  8, 175, 133 people in the State and West Haverstraw with the least of 10,165 people in its population. The reason of this is New York city is one many live cities with amazing attractions such as the Museum of Art, Times square, Empire State building, Statue of liberty , Broadway shows and many more. The more attractions that come to New York City, the more the population will increase. According to research, In the years 2015 to 2016 the difference between the birth and death rate was about 75, 794 people. New York state is experiencing more summer days over 90 degree fahrenheit and -32 degree fahrenheit winter days have decreased.  In the future average temperatures in New York region could go up 8.8 degree fahrenheit, precipitation could increase by 13 percent and heat waves in New York City could triple. New York’s coast sea level has already risen more than a foot since 1900 and could continue to rise 39 inches by the 2080s and possibly 6 feet by 2100.  Spring begins a week earlier than it did a few decades ago which causes plants to bloom sooner and bees, birds and insects to arrive earlier.  In many areas of New York State, fall begins 8 days earlier. Winter snow is decreasing. Hotter temperatures will dry the soil which can impact plant productivity and food could be affected by temperature changes and drought.Less snowfall will also impact deer survival in the winter since since vegetation will be uncovered and their eating habits damage plants which could harm habitat for smaller creatures. Less snow could change stream flows, which could affect fish reproduction and limit water availability for wildlife. New  York State has an impact on climate change. These Impacts include public health, natural resources , agriculture , transportation , tourism , water supply and many other services. Since New York city is the biggest city in the united states climate change would be a huge impact because of the population and many tourist living there. New Yorkers aren’t paying attention to climate change. Around the city a number of efforts are underway to reduce carbon dioxide and other natural gases that are blamed for the man-made impact on the climate. Manhattan’s new apartment building, called the Solaire, located just a few blocks from Ground zero is the first environmentally sustainable residential building. The building was built with more efficient building materials, providing more natural light, cleaner air, filtered water and more more energy efficient than your typical Manhattan high rise. In order to support this growing population, cities must become more sustainable. A sustainable city uses as few non-renewable resources as possible that will impact the environment. Urban sustainability includes reviewing the systems that make it possible for us to live in these areas in New York . This includes land use, materials, transportation, energy, water and wastewater, toxic waste, air quality, cultural, educational, recreational, health and entertainment. These provide many of the positive benefits from living in cities. These systems are important elements of cities that must be maintained and enhanced if cities are to be sustainable. Transportation in  New York City has one of the most largest transit networks in the world. Construction to expand the subway is on-going.  New York City is also turning to bicycling as a sustainable way to assist in transportation needs. New York City’s goal of a more sustainable city is to ensure that New York in 2030 would continue to maintain the high quality of life to its population to justify the high price that people pay to live there.


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