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New role of women in the 1920s Name:Instructor:Course:Date:IntroductionThe role of woman changed greatly in the society in 1920s. Many changes were observed in 1920s as women were able to take part in both politics, the home the work place and in the education sector.

It took a lot of effort to change how the society valued women .by year 1920s women were not acknowledge in the society and were not allowed to take part in most of the decision making. Men were viewed to be superior in all fields there was widespread theory that women’s and men’s roles did not overlap .

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With changing laws the role of women took another turn, which made them to be recognized in the society. Technology development influenced change of women role in the society also change in attitude had great influence of women role in the society. The role of women involvement in the so politics changed, they were allowed to take part in voting process. They were able to recognize that political decisions affected their day to day life. They had to overcome the idea that women were supposed to concern themselves with home, children, and religion, while men took care of business and politics. The down of new era in the world made it possible for women to be accepted in the society, this brought positive change in their role in the society.

Women involvement in education sector was evident as they were allowed to attended schools, before 1920 the number of women joining school was low but by 1920s the number increased. They were able to gain their democratic rights which influenced their life positively this ensured that they were able to take part in most areas which there were not allowed to take part. Education and employment opportunities increased as western countries became more urban and industrialized. Women were able to take part in the market. More women were able to join colleges and universities.

This changed women life in the society as they were able to take part in all matters con concerning development and innovation. The number of women joining high institutions of learning increased, many women become lawyers, doctors and professors. The percent of women raised this had positive influence in the society. There was significant number of women joining work force in the market.The involvement of women in the education sector and rise of employment opportunities to women changed their role as they become independent.

Their legal right to own property meant that they had stepped into new position of freedom and choice. Women become more dependent of their husbands and make relatives and this had positive change. They were able to have right in choosing partner. Involvement in job market and increased access to education ensured that women were able to be accepted and respected in the society.

Women were given equal responsibilities with men as they were able to handle all life matters.Women involvement in education sector ensured that women had gained more knowledge and were able to carry out different chores in the society. Increase in number of learned women in the society changed the perception that women were not able to control the society. Men were the family leaders but by the 1920 there was change in families were women had equal rights with men in the marriage. Many women were involved in world war one, this changed that the perception of the society that women were inferior. The number of women joining paid labor increased during this time, it was assumed that women married to working men were not supposed to search job. This ensured that women had right to own property in the family.

During this time women realized they had role to play in the family thus it wasn’t the role of man only to take care of the family. By the 1920 many women were housewives and were not as free as men, at this time women realized that their role wasn’t be only housewives but they role to play in the family. With increased technology many women joined paid labor in the market, and were able to compete with men.


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