`A network is a system linking a group of people or things by maintaining a continuous contact between them sufficiently. In the information technology, a net work is created when two or more computers are interconnected by configuring them into a common communication system.

According to Tamara (4), computer networks can either be private or public, depending on the type of configuration in the network. Public networks are configured with Public Internet Protocol, making them ‘visible’ to other connections outside the network. On the other hand, private networks are constructed as ‘private’, which makes them invisible to the other outside networks. It is important to note that, the historical development of networks springs from the year1950 in military radar systems and commercial airlines corollary.

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This paper presents a critical discussion on purpose of networks and their implication in the currently globalized society. It has been revealed that, networks are essential communication facilitators between two or more virtual individuals. Following the massive technological advancement in the contemporary society, networks are becoming part of life since the advancement of commerce and education entirely relies largely on networking.

As indicated by Tamara (7), the massive development of IT in computer networks has resulted into cloud computing. Cloud computing is a new system of adding abilities to a computer without the need of buying new software or training new employees to do the work in an organization. Through cloud computing, a common online data is accessible to various individuals subscribed within a certain network system; as it is stored in the server, rather than being stored locally. Notably, cloud computing has helped web users to have access of all the web applications they need in a central manner, where all the applications are available online (Tamara 29).

With massive increase in computer networks across the world, network securities have been necessitated. In the year 2005, information security integrity was established to safeguard the information shared within networks (Tamara 17). This means that, any data encrypted online should not be modified or changed without being detected. This strategy has been enhanced through the involvement of ACID classic models which provide unique codes to the original data provided in which its modification amounts to its rejection in the process of decrypting the data. One of the most important aspects of this strategy is that, organizations which have adopted the strategy will have more security for their information since it would not be easy for interrupters to make any alterations and modifications within the network system. In a networked environment, it is very important to asses the overall security level for convenience.

This is done through the use of ‘the overall security assessment risk rating’ which refers to the tools used by system administrators and security professionals within the network to check on misplaced security updates. This might have resulted from misplaced configurations of various security codes in a certain networked environment (Tamara 36). This has been enhanced by the use of ‘Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer’ (MSBA), which provides recommendations on security applications in specialized remediation guidance. By so doing the risk of information interferences within the network would be reduced. As revealed by Tamara (24), authenticity is one of the most important elements of network security, which reinforces the security of the information relayed within the network system.

Since wide area network has been the most largely utilized network across the world, the information relayed seems to be prone to various insecurities. With the establishment of authentication to access various data within the network, the information will have been secured from interfered with. It should be noted that, the parties involved in any information sharing or any kind of online transaction have to provide genuine information which must be validated by automated network systems. On this basis, this particular reinforcement of the network security systems impacts positively on the development of international business transactions since there were low chances of fraud and other internet evils. As reported by Tamara (22), cryptographic strategies in the network system has been established to secure data and information stored within the network by converting it into unreadable form by other people apart from the user alone or other authorized people.

By so doing the network systems would be more efficient and secure from hackers since information shared within the network would be highly secured. This has been largely employed in public networks since only all the networked computers are accessible outside the network. As a result, the network has largely been prone to various attacks which ought to be minimized through reinforced security systems.


Generally, the currently increasing information technology is making network systems in the contemporary society more complex. As the world becomes more interconnected through trade, networks are becoming the most significant facilitators of communication among individuals from various parts of the world. However, the networked environment has been revealed to pose some risk of information leakages within the networks, though some security systems have employed to reduce the risks of this problem in public networks.

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