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Network Security Student Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The paper analyzes the issues of security in a network for Acme Corporation and the recommended solutions. The network security discusses various issues and possible designs that could solve some of the issues identified. Introduction Acme Corporations is the producer of several telecommunication products such as telephone answering machines for make-to-order and complex products. Its customers consist of mass merchants, amalgamated Telecom, and department stores. It competes with the changes in telecommunication industry. The company wishes to sale a new phone to the public. The phone, known as Acme phone is a secure version of the one used by business companies known as the Acme phone B. The phone is the highly secure model of the Acme phone G to the government. The security of the phones increases from Acmephone, Acmephone B, to Acmephone G. There are many security concerns to be addressed due to government security requirements and the fear of corporate espionage. I have been tasked with the responsibility of designing a network infrastructure for the corporations two campuses situated in Cincinnati and Atlanta based on some requirements provided. Requirement Analysis The company needs to invest in extensive investment in hardware. These include unshielded twisted pair, UTP cable, shielded twisted pair, STP cable, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, and cable installation document. Conduct the risk assessment and use the results to supplement the baseline security controls. Analyze security requirements. Perform functional and security testing. Prepare initial documents for system certification and accreditation. The network used will include the CAT6 and CAT5 patch. They are the closets that need to be used in the server room in the Atlanta location and created in the Cincinnati location based on the large numbers of hanging cables that would be used. In building tidy and flexible cabling, patch panels have to be used. The panel allows fast UTP interconnections to routers, hubs and other active devices. CAT5 enhance the performance of the networks in maximum and enable the growth of the network (Rittinghouse Ransome, 2016). The high-density panel could be mounted onto standard cabinets or racks accommodate top, side or bottom side cable entries. The CAT6 cable enables up to ten Gigabit data but its bandwidth is restricted to 164 feet. The wireless networks are more susceptible to unauthorized utilization compared to the cabled networks. These networks should be encrypted by creating passwords that eliminate the risk of unauthorized access that would cause attacks to a network (Peltier, 2016). It is recommended that the remote control and its related features should be turned off because the hackers might try to breach the developed network using a wireless connection. INCLUDEPICTURE http// MERGEFORMATINET The security of the network should eliminate the possibility of an intrusion that could be within the organization or through other breaches that comes from external threats. It is also recommended to put a packet sniffing mechanism in the network. This measure would ensure detection of any threats and attacks targeting the network. These attacks could include botnet, Trojan horses, and malicious malware among others. The packet sniffers will help in the identification of people that want to hack into the network. INCLUDEPICTURE https// MERGEFORMATINET Design Network segmentation is also recommended. This will ensure the network is split into various classifications. This eases the placement of security policies and levels within the network. To enhance the security of the network, a physical security barrier would be created to curb issues such as break-ins in the servers (Peltier, 2016). This form of intrusion is mainly possible by both employees of the organization and the outsiders. Apart from the physical barriers, it is important to implement levels and policies of restriction that would not led to loss of data. INCLUDEPICTURE https// MERGEFORMATINET The network should also include a virtual private network. This form of network encrypts the relationship from the network endpoint over the internet. In essence, a remote-access virtual private network utilizes SSL to make an authentication of communication in the networks and the devices. Another important firewall feature is the firewall in the module of the network security. Firewalls create a barrier between the risky external networks and the trusted internal networks. External networks would also include the internet. Firewalls define and set rules that allow or block traffic. A firewall can be hardware, software or both. Design Implementation The network should also utilize the control measures such as finger print scans, passwords, and iris scans. Only a few users should have access to the network. To protect the network from potential risks, it is important to have a method that recognizes each device and users. This will enable the enforcement of security policies. It is also important to block the non-complaint end-point machines or give them limited access to the network. The process is known as the network access control, NAC. The network should use an access server. The access server acts as a point of concentration for the dial-out and dial-in connections that perfect the network model. It is recommended to use the WAN switch. The switch is a multi-port internetworking mechanism that is used in the carrier networks. These are used to connect the network devices to the other machines. The WAN switch enables the configuration of the other devices (Perlman, Kaufman Speciner, 2016). Modems should also be used. Modems can interpret analog and digital signals enabling data transmission over the voice-grade telephone wires in the larger areas or grids. The use of Virtual Circuits is also important. The Virtual circuits should be logical circuits developed to enable reliable communication between the network devices in a larger area. In this network, we are going to use CAT6 and CAT5 patch. The closets need to be used in the server room of the Atlanta location. Another one shall be created at the Cincinnati location because of the lots of hanging wires to be used. The wireless networks have a higher chance of unauthorized use as compared to the cabled networks. We need to encrypt the network through setting up a password to curb any unauthorized access that may result in network attacks. We will establish a Virtual Private Network to encrypt the connection from the network via the internet and to an endpoint. Specifically, a remote-access VPN utilizes the SSL to validate the communication between the network and the devices. In this network, we will further use the Virtual Circuits. Virtual circuits are logical circuits created to ensure reliable communication between two network devices over a wide area. In the data center, there is need to create a firewall to protect the data from breaching. It is important to utilize the wire closets that prevent confusion due to any given issue. The physical security should be created because of the threats that come from within the company. There is need to use biometric scans that should restrict the access control. Cost Analysis The recommendations provided should be followed to improve security during the design and implementation stage. These security mechanisms should also help the company prevent external threats and breaches. There is need to use a fast Ethernet in every location to ensure data access and recovery that need to be made easily (Rittinghouse Ransome, 2016). The network needs to defend itself from external attacks because of the intrusion modules of detection that are placed within the network. Firewalls are important in keeping the suspected attacks outside. Equipment and Hardware Computers (every kind), disks, tape drivers, printers, telecommunication, network systems, modems. Software Operating systems, utility programs, diagnostic programs, application programs the salaries (compensation) and benefits for persons who perform functions, such as development, support, management, operation and analysis for running this system. The company will need a capital of 1.5 million dollars as the initial investment Price of hardware 900,000 Price of software 200,000 Price of labor 400,000 Costs ItemsCostHardware costs -Server hardware for compute hosts -Server hardware for management hosts -Server hardware for database hosts -Storage hardware Network hardware Hardware maintenance Power and cooling Data center space 190200 100000 210200 201400 45000 45200 58000 50000Software costs -Firewall -Client access licenses 100,000 100,000Labor -developer -Admin costs 250,000 250,000TOTAL COSTS1,500,000 Conclusion The security of the network is one of the most important factors to consider when implementing a new one. In most case, communication companies upgrade the security of their products through better mechanisms of preventing threats, intrusion, and attacks. Acme phone need to focus not only on the software but also on the hardware to improve the security of the commodities. The use of Cat5 and Cat6 would allow the company has better alignment of wires. The methods of protecting the users from threats include the use of firewalls to block or allow traffic. It is also important to use virtual private networks to make encryptions of the relationship from the network endpoint over the internet. The network should allow the use of a modem for analog and digital interpretation. Physical security could be enforced through security systems, cameras, and fences to ensure the servers are protected from insiders and outsiders. References Peltier, T. R. (2016).Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards guidelines for effective information security management. Auerbach Publications. Perlman, R., Kaufman, C., Speciner, M. (2016).Network security private communication in a public world. Pearson Education India. Rittinghouse, J. W., Ransome, J. F. (2016).Cloud computing implementation, management, and security. CRC press. 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