Net online. This could also remove the options

Net neutrality is the ability to search, read and research various topics online without outside influence on the content. Political, religious or corporate sources may alter the views of readers and researchers. Corporations and the government could affect news reporting.

This, in turn, may harm the free information available. Then, this impact will affect what provided data online for the American citizen. Compromised reporter’s objectivity is may influence readers and viewers. This is similar to how companies and federal agencies would alter readable content through websites.Propaganda and Its UsesIn the past, political and religious authorities supplied the public with general misinformation. The actions of these entities lead to public inurement of accepting the details provided.

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Propaganda starts by supplying negative information about another country or people. These organizations can change the thoughts and ideas of the people. Using information in this manner, an entire generation grows up believing such ideas. This may include foreign citizens are bad and the wars of the United States are honorable and good. Faith in a nation is essential, but this should not cloud the acceptance of others.Net Neutrality Under AttackThe Internet Service Provider or ISP treats content equally in general. This ensures that the public is able to access, read, browse and research subjects with freedom. However, if net neutrality is lost citizens in a free country may only access certain websites, content and locations of the internet.

Information supplied by the government, corporations or the church becomes what is available. This would permit government agencies and others to push an agenda to those accessing the internet at that time. This skews ideas, beliefs and what may be believed.

Propaganda may replace conflicting opinions and a variety of data.The Larger ProblemRestrictions on free and open content cause conflict in some form. Ideas, creativity and concepts are incomplete and limited.

When overall neutrality of the internet is taken away, these events occur. This is observed in other countries such as China. The government controls what websites work. This inhibits free speech and freedom of thought. If corporations push an agenda online, only their ideas are what spread. For many, this would lead to only seeing or viewing content about specific religious affiliations, even if the family has a different faith. For non-Christian religious citizens, this could be torture.

It is possible to silence those with opposing views. Information on political leaders, those running for various offices and companies is incomplete. Data supplied online would limit speech.

Large corporations may pay the ISPs enormous amounts of money to limit the opinions provided by various voices online. This could also remove the options for what to eat, brands to buy online or in the store and what to read. Some nightmare futures that have been written about may become reality.

This could also drive prices, affect the markets and lead to numerous violations of the law.Some Light in the DarkIt is a terrible mistake to let net neutrality lose the battle. There are areas online that have never truly been silenced and may remain free. Chat, forums, email and various other communications and information exchanges are all possible as a light in a dark time. Ideas could still exchange hands. Innovation and creativity may still thrive.

There are those that may still seek to stop these actions after initiated. Time and dedication are all that is necessary to overcome losing neutrality online. Those seeking to band together in these times should start before the battle is lost.Alternatives for Net NeutralityIt is through the loss of net neutrality that primary ISPs may fold under the pressure of financing agencies and investors. This would lead to content supplied by what these parties want. However, while the speeds and availability of downloading large amounts of data may be limiting, citizens may still have smaller ISP company options.

Alternative providers could stay neutral and ensure that corporations and government agencies are not filtering online data. What is viewed or used through the internet with these businesses may remain uninfluenced. These options may permit many to remain on top of breaking news. It is possible to keep the public informed and fight against propaganda and the public’s manipulation.What to do about Net NeutralityFederal Communications Commission has initiated rules and regulations to stop ISPs from ranking websites and searches.

Prioritizing a company’s information above others could become illegal. There are still actions United States citizens could achieve to help the cause. It is still important to contact political officials and to protest any loss of net neutrality. Creating and maintaining organizations is essential.

Providing support to various leaders of these groups is crucial. Without seeking action and helping these individuals, the internet restrictions will affect most Americans.


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