Nestle the court allowing the export of

NestleIndia Ltd. has been on fire fighting mode ever since the Maggi row became thenews headlines. No doubt, the brand’s reputation has taken a serious hit and ittakes some time for the brand to regain the trust of customers. The Indiansubsidiary of the $100 billion Swiss based major, after a slow response to thecrisis initially is now moving quickly to contain the damage and of course, tohasten its comeback in the Indian market. Its crisis management began on June5, 2015, with the company releasing a press statement to announce a voluntaryrecall of Maggi noodle but maintained the product was actually safe as thecompany’s own analysis had shown.

At press conference in New Delhi,understanding the delicacy of the matter, the senior management was there toanswer the questions and to maintain the trust of its customers. Global CEOPaul Bulcke and Company Sri Lanka head Shivani Hegde, who is believed to be thekey person behind Maggi’s success in early 1980s, were in the conference tocontrol the damage to the brand. Reports have also suggested that the employeesand their families have been told to act as Company ambassadors in these hardtimes. Nestle had also moved to Bombay High Court for relief and to some extenthas got some relief with the court allowing the export of Maggi outside India.A visit organized for the media to the Company’s production facility at Moga inPunjab and Hassangarh plant in Haryana and opening the doors of its productionfacilities to scrutiny is a sure sign that Nestle is trying to bounce back atthe earliest. According to media reports, in an attempt to do some damagecontrol, Nestle India is looking to tie up with US based public relations firmAPCO Worldwide.

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Nestle has also conducted tests of the samples at theiraccredited labs and are also cooperating with the regulators in the enquiry.They are also answering the questions of the public regarding Maggi on theirwebsite-, for more information enquirer can contact the consumerservices at [email protected].

com or 18002661188. Company has alsoprovided the facility of returning the bought but unused packets of Maggi so tomaintain better customer relationship. 


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