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InIndian context, society has given much lesser important to LGBT community andliterally transgender people never get any rights except few like some menialworks.

Most often trans* people engaged with begging and prostitutions, so withreference to Norcopolis, Dimple isworking as an opium Pipe maker and a fulltime prostitutes rather anything.                                     “She said: Woman and man are words otherpeople use, not me. I’m not sure what I am. Some days I’m neither, or I’mnothing. On other days I feel I’m both. But men and women are so different, howcan one person be both? Isn’t that what you’re thinking? Well I’m both and I’velearned some things, to my cost, the kind of thing you’re better off notknowing if you mean to live in the world”. (Norcopolis 1)Nowit raises so many questions of tolerance, bears and endures, people like Dimpleonly solve because of drugs like opium and others parallels. This is a not forto get intoxicate but for forgetting the suffering as well to endure the painand suffocation within their own premises.

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“She was learning to live with pain. Itwas always there, in her shoulders and her back. The opium reduced it tosomething manageable, but she woke with pain” (15)Survivingis highly difficult because often they violated, in fact in the analysis ohthis novel, it brings that they can’t even have dwellings, though they have,it’s not in proper as like an others it is in slums and slum likes. This isnever giving them comfort life; instead it gives diseases and physicalsufferings. They can’t have proper medicines, though they get it is not goodso, it won’t give complete recovers. Even doctors also treat them like aliensdue to the cause of Trans*, if from red light slums, the consequences will bemore severe. “The doctor wore glasses with goldframes and he didn’t actually examine her. He didn’t touch her at all, not evento shake hands, as if he knew her, knew where she lived and what she for aliving and the exact amount of opium she took on a daily basis, and even if hemade no moral judgment about her life, he had made a medical or personaljudgment, which he had every right to”.

(19) Atcertain point Trans* community forget about general hospitals instead theyprefer their own medicines unless it should be definitely drugs and opium.That’s what Dimple learned to make pipe and preparing own recent days. It givesmore pleasure than anything from the society since she is from same community.“Lee told Dimple he was sick.

He had agrating in his throat and he didn’t want to go to a hospital because there wasno point, he knew what it was. He said he needed opium for its pain-killingproperties, just a she did. He had a list of aches and pains. It was a bondbetween them, the itemizing of pain. In pain, he said, as if it were a country.As if he were saying, I am in Spain”.

(30)Sothere is no space to red light workers to this universe for survive, if at alla trans* still more difficult to them, because of marginality. Practicallythese people have sexually marginalised so society not even touch them andspeak with them, this is real atmosphere for moving towards drug and opium. “Revolutionmust follow revolution without interruption. I’m tense before midnight but Itake sleeping pills and feel better, try pills”. (34) Dimple realizes theoriginal situation and started to adapt the society with those indifferencesand lead her life as such. So this lines exaggerate the reality of trans*sufferings and isolations “Dimple understood the exact nature ofJanice’s suffering.

To know you were unloved by your parents, it was a woundthat would never heal. Nothing Dimple did to forget her early life could changethis fundamental fact. She was always under the sway of it. It never went away.

She would think she was okay, but she was not. If she was not sleeping enoughor if she was anxious, it would catch up with her, as fresh and wet and red asit had ever been. In the scene when brother and sister are finally reunited ina village in Kathmandu, Dimple made no effort to hide her tears. Others werecrying too, men and women, entire families weeping together as they munchedtheir popcorn and sucked noisily at bottles of Thumps Up and Fanta” (89)Eventuallywith the picture Jeet Thayil’s Narcopolis(2012) the gender minorities never get resolutions for new life though thecountry gives much more effort to establish liberalization and development.

Andit gives that sufferings is the by birth of LGBTs life, so without makeunderstanding, Dimple like people never ever get relief from difficulties.


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