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Negative Effects of Cellphone Use Mobile devices were invented to give people a way of communicating. No one would have ever thought that technology would advance the way it’s been rapidly advancing now. We live in a world where communicating through modern technology is almost required. Of Course, the use of technology can be good. It provides us with faster, more efficient ways to communicate with others, but it can also harm our ability to communicate with people face to face.

Only a decade ago, the only way to reach someone was to write them a letter, go to their house or call them on the phone. The old fashion way of doing things are slowly starting to fade. A default student, Allison Preston says, “We’re losing old – fashioned contact and phone conversations.

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Our future won’t know how to talk one-on-one confidently. We miss all our surroundings.”Social Issue Cell Phones have many benefits but frequent use of it can result in awkward social skills which can strongly affect teenagers who use cell phones as a way of communicating, leading them to become accustomed to in – person, real life conversations. (McCloy,N.D) The main purpose for the invention of cell phones was to make a way for people to reach one another when they are not close. People take advantage and text when the person is in the other room.

Whether it’s to text his sister who is upstairs to bring down the iPhone charger, or the mother who wants her daughter to do the dishes. These are examples of how texting can hinder social skills and laziness.Grammar Issue The average American teenager sends more than fifty text messages a day. Texting slang involves both symbols, and special abbreviations that mean certain things. Teens will often abbreviate words such as “too” with “2” and “you” with “u”.

This such manner may lead to struggle at school when students are asked to write an essay containing proper spelling and grammar. (McCloy,N.D) Miss-communication – Cell phones in our days, have become advanced to the point where the cell phone lets the person know if the person who he or she texted saw or received the text message. If it happens that the person chooses not to respond, it may result in a fight with the person who sent the text. The miss communication comes when it happens that the person might have not received or seen the text message, but because of the inaccuracy of certain advancements of the phone, it may lead the person to believing otherwise.

53% of adults own a smartphone52% of people have used their phone for entertainment when they are bored.51% of users use their cellphone at least once to get information.27% said they had trouble doing something because they did not have their phone.29% turn off their phones to take a break from their digital life at night. (Suvel, N.D) What the above information is telling us is that cell phones have become a great importance to many people.

Many people would agree that their cell phone is their life, meaning if anything happened to the cell phone it would be a great problem. The main purpose of cell phones was just to keep in touch with a person, to be able to communicate. Now a days, the cell phone does more than just that.Addiction It has become normal for phones to be out during dinner time which affects “family time” during dinner. Throw it back to a few years ago where phones were only used for work purposes.

Some people believe the more features the better. Others believe a phone should be just a phone. (Schlimm,2010) Medlock says – It has become a habit for people checking their cell phone in short intervals of time, like every five minutes. Medlock continues “I have heard people say that they are afraid they will miss something if they do not do the checking.” Medlock believes that constant reliance on mobile phones is having a negative impact on people’s interpersonal skills. The worry that people have about missing something on their phone leads to the constant checking on the phone, which falls under the category of addiction.Patience Using cellphones to communicate gives the user the feel of having to receive an answer right away.

If the recipient of the text doesn’t respond instantly, the sender may be annoyed. Cell Phones can reinforce impatient attitudes on their users, especially those who are young. If frequent cell phone users ask a question to a colleague, for example, and the colleague doesn’t answer right away, she may be annoyed because she is accustomed to instant answers. A woman named Kelly O’Leary said, “It’s not the phones fault that you choose to text in slang and what not instead of picking up the phone and calling someone or meeting them in person.

” (Suvel, N.D) Cell phones are important when it comes to communication but are only helpful to a certain point. When it comes to the limit where cellphones are the reason grammar and social issues hinder, it then can become a problem in society, and unfortunately it has. ?


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