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 Naturally, insulin isthe hormone that is produced by the pancreas that allows your body to useglucose from carbohydrates.

When someone has Type I Diabetes, their bodydoesn’t produce insulin naturally. That’s were insulin shots came in handy. Hello, we are comingfrom the company Galvus.

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We are a company who sells insulin, it reduces high blood sugar. Peoplewho have diabetes can suffer intense hunger, thirst, face coma then death.The reason we are writing to you is because we need some money to help pay ourmedical bills so we could help those affected by it. Diabetes is the leadingcause of chronic Kidney Disease.

Diabetes is a horrific disease and 17 million people are affected by it, alsoone third of the people affected don’t even realize they have the disease.Diabetes was discovered in 1922 by Frederick Banting he operated on dogs tyingoff ducts where the digestive juices leave the pancreas. He later then injectedan extract from the islet tissue in dogs who’s pancreas he removed and it was successful.On January 23, 1922, a 14 yearold boy was really ill and dying of diabetes at the Toronto General Hospital.He was later then injected with an extract that Frederick had made and cleansedfrom the pancreas. The treatment helped the boy and the boy went to live hislife.

It would be a great deal of help from you guys if you helped us anddonated our company some money. We would benefit a lot and we are offering toput your company name right next to ours if you are willing to help us.                  Asurgical instrument is a specially designed tool or device for performingspecific actions over time, many different kinds of surgical instruments andtools have been invented. Surgical instruments are made for surgery use onl,;on the other hand some can be used for procedure or surgery.  Hi, we are representing our company CCEMedical Equipment.

Before we start talking about our company we just wanted tosay our company was created because we were influenced by a man who studied inthe fields of medicine and surgical instruments. This man name was al- Zahrawi hewas born 936 CE he was one of the greatest surgeons of his time. Al- Zahrawiwas not only a medical scholar, but was a great practising physician andsurgeon. He the medical genius wrote a book during his time the book was calledKitab al-Tasrif it was a thirty volume of medical practise. The book wascompleted in 1000 CE showing Zahrawi put a lot of effort and time, spendingabout fifty years of medical practise.

Lots of his work was translated intoLatin so others could practise easier. In our company CCE Medical specializesin medical instruments surgical instruments have been used by doctors andnurses for many years and we feel that creating new tools will help us benefitand benefit the people more. To do that we are writing to you so we can ask formore money to cover our costs.

Better tools can increase the production ratedoctors have while working on a patient. We really hope you could help us inour time of need. SickleCell Anemia is a blood disease in which a sufferers’s red blood cells formcrescent shapes, or sickles, when they are not bound to oxygen in thebloodstream. This is caused by abnormal type hemoglobin called sicklehemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein that carries oxygen and is part of redblood cells.



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