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Each year in the United States there are alarming numbers of unborn children that are being denied their constitutional right to life due to abortion. Our country is rapidly moving towards the state of mind where destruction of life is advocated for children who could be considered socially disturbing for any reason.

The denial of the biological facts and the violent subversion of the natural process of pregnancy by abortion must come with a heavy price: a dead child, a victimized mother, a hurt family and a disordered society.We all must educate ourselves to the reality of the horrors taking place. More importantly, we must make an effort to educate our society on the beneficial alternatives to abortion. The cultural environment for a human holocaust is present whenever a society can be mislead into defining individuals as less than human; therefore devoid of value and respect. We are an aggressive society. One of our tendencies is to take shortcuts to solutions. We are throwing many babies out in what seems at first glance to be a commendable goal to make life easier for parents and to remove the burdens from society.We must open our minds as well as our hearts to reverse this desensitization to human life and propose more options.

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Marie Costa, in her book Abortion-Contemporary World Issues, states the most pivotal moment in abortion history. “In the United States, since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, abortion is essentially legal on request throughout the country.

” (77) Since the legalization of abortion-on-demand there have been a staggering 43,358,592 abortions. This number continues to grow daily by over 4,000. This means that an abortion is performed roughly every 20 seconds.Practices are often endowed with immense respectability once they are legalized. The law itself becomes a prime justification for participation in destructive activities. With this green light, practitioners of malevolent deeds can be expected to invoke the law relentlessly.

Howes 2 More than one in five U. S. pregnancies end in abortion. This makes it clear that American women are becoming pregnant far more often than they desire. Almost half of the estimated 6.

3 million pregnancies in the U. S. each year are unintended. There are approximately 1. 24 million mistimed or unwanted births and 1. 43 million abortions annually.Unintended pregnancies among women who do not use a method of contraception are almost as likely to end in abortion as they are to end in birth. Breakdowns of these percentages are as follows: 44% birth; 43% abortion; 13% miscarriage.

Within all three racial and economical groups, there is a clear association between poverty status and abortion. The Alan Guttenmacher Institute runs statistics on abortion in an even more detailed fashion than the CDC. In their most recent study they concluded that “Black women have the highest abortion rates, followed by Hispanic women, and the lowest rates occur among white women.


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