Name Vaishnav Jan is well known in

Name of the book: Bhaktkavi Shree Narsinh Mehta
Name of the auther: Chandrakant Sheth
Text type: Real Life
Year of publication: 2015
Date and Time or reading: 1/8/2016
Reading Summary:
Narsinh Mehta was the first poet of Gujarati language. Bhajan Vaishnav Jan is well known in the works he has written, which was very dear to Mahatma Gandhi. In this bhajan, the qualities of good human beings have been well described.

Narsinh Mehta was born in Talva village of Bhavnagar district in the year 1414 to Nagar Brahmin Shri Krishnadas Mehta. They then settled at Junagadh. He lost his parents at the age of 5. They could not speak until the age of 8. He was raised by his grandmother, Jayangouri. His marriage took place in 1429 with Manekbai. He and his wife lived in Junagadh. He had the son of Shamaldas and daughter of Kunvarbai.Narsinh Mehta has created more than 1500 posts. The best poets of Gujarati language are given the Narsinh Mehta Award in their memory. Narsinh Mehta became the first Gujarati language film in his life.

My evaluation, opinion and thoughts for the text:
Narsinh Mehta was poet saint of Gujarat.


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