Name in live. They have guided me

Name Dhwanil Rushibhai Upadhyay University Applied University of technology, Sydney. Name of Course Master of Engineering and Master of Engineering Management.

I Dhwanil Rushibhai Upadhyay was born and grew up in small town Mandvi which is sub district of Surat and located in southern region of Gujarat province of India. Surat is famous for its textile and diamond business in the world. Moreover it is known for its authentic food eateries. My father Mr. Rushibhai Upadhyay is a clerk in The Mandvi Education Society. I live in a family which comprises of 5 members my father , my mother is a business woman, she runs her cafeteria business in the mandvi high school and my elder brother who runs his own business of event management, my grandmother is living with us. They are all successful in their respective profession. Their hard work, determination and achievements motivated me to procure something great in live.

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They have guided me to perform your abilities on the world platform. Moreover, I am very confident about myself to put thyself towards world exposure. I would describe myself as flexible person with bright and positive outlook towards my life.

Talking about my academic progress I have completed my 10th grade with 85 and 12th grade science stream with 68 from Mandvi High School which is affiliated with Gujarat secondary and Higher secondary Education board in the year 2011 and 2013 respectively. Later in 2013 I appeared in joint entrance exam (JEE MAIN) but could not score very high. Thereafter I completed Bachelor of Engineering from Vidhyabharti Trust Institute of Technology, Umrakh which is affiliated with Gujarat Technological University during the span of the year 2013-2017. Coming from business background, I have always been a numbers guy who wants to start up his own private lucrative business. While learning mechanical engineering in college, I realized that it is a subject of both management and Science based on precise rules and axioms with a tremendous scope for self-expression in the form of interpretation, analysis and design. Such facet of engineering intrigued me and I decided to pursue further studies in it with respect to management.

Engineering is the most diversified field for their pursuer. But every organization and every field needs proper management system to achieve their goals. Engineering will open many doors in future because technology is getting more accurate and unique. But I think if engineering and management get combined, it would be benefited for their pursuers on both field, they can take advantage of both gigantic fields.

This field varies from technician, manager, process manager and so much more. While studying for B.E, I learned varieties of subjects such as Machine Design, Engineering economics and management, and manufacturing process as well as operation research and much more. I finished my bachelor degree in June 2017 with CGPA of 7.82 out of 10 point grade scale. The reason why I want to study abroad and not India is the plethora of the world in its existence I always wanted to explore the world with a different step up of education system it offers.

The amplification of persona that a student goes through being in the center of a cutting edge world technology is tremendous. The Institute for International Education of Students (IES) stated that 95 of students admitted of studying abroad increased their maturity while, 96 resulted in improved confidence moreover, 98 students, it helped them understand their cultural values in more depth. 82 said it helped them improve their sophistication and outlook towards the world. I guess all this is what exactly matches my idea of what I would like to gain from a degree abroad. Moreover, what I have personally experienced is that my country is high on theoretical aspects of studies while the methods of studying abroad are widely on practical overview of the world. The other thing which I noticed is that there are no postgraduate courses available in India which concentrates entirely on management in engineering the focus is intensively more on the technical business. Getting the dual degree advantage is what I am looking forward to from my degree form UTS, Australia.

There are many reasons to get admit in UTS. Like UTS comes in top 10 universities in Australia and has ranked 176th in the QS world ranking of universities. UTS has also been ranked8th in the world and 1st inAustraliain the QS Top 50 under 50 in the QS GLOBAL index of newer universities those less than 50 years old. Apart from that I like its campus location, being in heart of Sydney will open up exploration of city.

Furthermore I have read its alumni site, as I want to start my own business they assist alumni member for their new venture. This is totally compassionating. The pedagogy of the University is work-based learning which meets the practical and unprecedented era of change also, being in middle of the state-of-the-art technological reforms give an edge to my abilities to perform tasks better .It is engineering management course, in my country none universities are offering such combine course thats why I found that this qualification will do me good in my career.

Australia is sixth largest country and third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world. Moreover, the climate of Australia twins the atmosphere of my homeland in comparison with countries such as USA and Canada where the temperature goes in minus at the times of winter making the day-to-day task much more difficult to perform. Regarding the most important aspect safety it is ahead then USA and Canada. Australia is one of the most diversified and welcoming countries over the globe with more than 260 languages. 7 out of 100 top universities from the world are from Australia five best student cities over the world also, are stated over there. It is the fourth happiest country in the world, and one billion people over the globe rely on Australia for discoveries and innovation every day. Such significant aspects of a country bring a particular type of lucidity towards the life goals of an individual. Such aspects of the only nation that governs an entire continent influenced me to pursue my masters over there.

Master of engineering and master of engineering management is one such course with the span of 2-years. With extensive training in latest technical aspects of the preparation of engineering management it will develop my skills in management to gain technical skills in quality control and improvement, organizational manufacturing management, and the development of decision support systems to perform different engineering roles. Talking about my course at UTS, so there are three main parts where first one is project stream which includes Engineering Project Preparation and Engineering graduate Project.

Second part is manufacturing and management core which includes two subjects computer aided mechanical design and design optimization for manufacturing. Third one is manufacturing engineering and management choice which includes three subjects to choose. I am aware and abide by following visa conditions. I will maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance (generally Overseas Student Health Cover) while I am in Australia.

I will not engage in any work before my course of study commences. I am not permitted to work more the 40 hours per fortnight when I am in Australia during the time of my course of study is in session. I will be enrolled in a full time course and satisfy the course requirements of my enrolment including the course level, course progress and course attendance. I will continue to maintain my eligibility as a person who would satisfy the criteria for the grant of my visa. I will notify my education provider within seven days after arriving in Australia of your residential address in all cases. I am also required to notify them of any change to my residential address in Australia within seven days after the change.

As I believe in great work I also am aware that it requires faith and persistent effort for a long time. Each thought we think is tinged with our own character and this very world will become to us an optimistic world when we become masters of our mind. I have always dreamt of great things so I think this opportunity will open my doors to achieve greatness in my field. To study in such unique place will bring best out of me, and can make myself more optimistic, bold and assertive in future to serve that country on my best level of knowledge. The future plan of me after my post-graduation will be to get appropriate job in my field and get permanent residence there. Apart from that, coming from business background, if i get suitable circumstance of mine after passing few years there, I will willingly commence my own business.

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