Name Ching, Gregory S.; Luong, Thai-Ha Year

Name of the Author(s) Mariri Tendai and Chipunza Crispe Year of publication 2009   Title of paper In-store shopping environment and impulsive buying.   Theoretical Framework   Objective of paper To investigate the factors affecting impulsive buying behaviour of consumers at supermarkets. Variables identified Impulsive buying, determinants of impulsive buying, in-store shopping environment, consumer decision making, retailing , coupons and sales, background music Research Method Quantitative and Qualitative. Sampling method and size A set of  320 shoppers were sampled and interviewed. Data analysis method Z – scores at 5% significance level.

  Findings The results of the study show that the factors such as store discounts and coupons, store display, behaviour of sales staff , soothing music were the determinants of impulsive buying . It is also noticed that the consumers belonging to the lower strata of the society did impulsive buying for economic reasons rather than for hedonic reasons. It is found that factors such as soothing music, nice scent, and proper ventilation kept customers in the shop premises for a longer period but it didn’t directly influence impulsive buying among the buyers. But It was seen that spending likely increased to a certain extent as consumers stayed longer in the retail setup. Limitations The respondents mainly belonged to the low income young aged group ,therefore the results might not be very representative. Also it was not ascertained as to what category products the consumers bought impulsively due to the factors such as the in-store environment . The investigation neglects to represent the conceivable contrasts in the elasticities of various items to various sales techniques.

Future research direction A research that properly ascertains in-store environment persuaded impulsive buying across different and specific product ranges;  brand categories can provide a significant support to the understanding of consumer impulse buying at supermarkets and would also provide helping hands to the retailers in devising strategies in a more specific manner.    Name of the Author(s) Cho, James ; Ching, Gregory S.; Luong, Thai-Ha Year of publication 2014 Title of paper Impulse buying behaviour of Vietnamese consumers in supermarket setting Theoretical Framework   Objective of paper The objective of this paper is to recognize factors influencing impulse purchasing behaviour at supermarkets in Vietnam. Variables identified Impulse buying behaviour; unplanned purchase; consumer behaviour; supermarket; Research Method Quantitative and Qualitative. Sampling method and size Data were collected from a convenience consumer sample and the sample size is 241 respondents .

Data analysis method Factor Analysis using SPSS software Findings 1)Both youthful female and male shoppers reflect indiscretion in   their purchasing propensity. 2) Impulse purchasing conduct is at a more elevated amount with buyers from 18 to 40 of age and at a lower level thereafter. 3)There was a direct relation between the customer’s mood and the impulse buying behaviour.

4)The in-store layout has a significant effect on consumer’s purchasing habit. 5) Consumers tend to buy more when they are accompanied by their friends and family members. 6)Consumers take full feedback from the sales staff , therefore it leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction. 7)Various promotional activates such as bulk discounts and coupons attract customers into the supermarket stores in Vietnam. Limitations The research may not reflect the buying behaviour of people of all age groups in Vietnam as the study was limited to people under the age of 30 years. Also, the effect of promotional activities cannot be measured as various products were bought on impulse as a cause of in-store stimulus.

Future research direction Future research can utilize cross-strategies to improve the respondents’ answer assessment for multidimensional bits of knowledge into the issue as results picked up from various measures can be unique. In this manner, an arrangement of cross measures including quantitative, subjective and observational strategies is prescribed to future researches.


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