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Directions: This is the unit test for John Grisham’s The Whistler. It is expected of you to answer all questions. If there seem to be any typos or any questions that do not make sense, please notify the teacher immediately. This test consists of 10 True/False Questions, 20 Multiple Choice Questions, 20 Quote Identification Questions, and 4 Short Answer Questions. Good Luck!

John Grisham’s The Whistler UNIT TEST





A.)  True/False Passage

Directions: Please write “T” for true and “F” for false on the lines provided below


­­­___ 1.) Lacy’s brother, Gunther Stolz, is a lawyer that works in Atlanta, Georgia

­­___ 2.) Hugo’s wife, Verna, has a newborn that Lacy helps put to sleep at night.

­___ 3.) Listening to classical music in the car is a compromise between Hugo and Lacy.

___ 4.) Carlita suddenly went missing which left Greg Myers very concerned.

___ 5.) Greg Myers’s actual name is Ramsey Mix.

___ 6.) There were three frantic 911 calls after the car wreck.

___ 7.) “The Middleman” called Lacy while she was having dinner with Gunther.

___ 8.) Junior Mace was accused of murdering Eileen Mace and Hugo Hatch.

___ 9.) Allie Pacheco promises Lacy that she’ll be able to meet “The Whistler” in real life.

___ 10.) Claudia McDover was the head of the “Coast Mafia.” (F) (29-30)


B.)  Multiple Choice Passage

Directions: Each question has ONLY ONE answer that best fits the question. Please answer all questions.


11.) When does Lacy first meet with Greg Myers?

            a.) After Allie Pacheco agreed to work on the case with Lacy.

.           b.) In the beginning of the book, right after she got a call from Randy.

            c.) In the airport when Lacy went to pick up her brother.

            d.) After Michael Geiser first introduced Lacy to the case.


12.) Why did Wilson Mace agree to help Lacy with the case?

            a.) Because he believed that his brother didn’t murder those people.

            b.) Because he himself was affected by the “Coast Mafia” and wanted to find justice.

            c.) Because if he was to be a part of this case, he could release his brother from prison.

            d.) Because he knew a lot of information that would have helped Lacy with her case.


13.) Clyde Westbay was a part of the “Coast Mafia” but he agreed to help the FBI and Lacy with the case of accusing Claudia with corruption. Why?

            a.) If he agreed to help the FBI, then he would be able to drop the sexual misconduct charges that were against him.

            b.) If he agreed to help the FBI, then he would be able to get back his job of being a lawyer and he could live under witness protection for 5 years.

c.) If he agreed to help the FBI, then he could be able to keep his hotel that was put into the hands of the bank after he fell into severe debt.

            d.) If he agreed to help the FBI, then he would be able to drop his capital degree murder charge and turn it into a first-degree murder charger with a light sentence.


14.) Who is JoHelen Hopper?

            a.) Claudia McDover’s court reporter that know a lot of information that can put McDover’s job at risk.

            b.) She is the helpful neighbor of Lacy that tells her that her house had been looked thoroughly through by the “the pest-control man.”

            c.) Lacy’s partner-in-crime that died for a horrific car crash that almost killed Lacy as well.

            d.) A jail inmate that testified to say that Junior Mace killed several people, but was shortly murdered by an unknown identity.


15.) What do Vonn DuBose and Claudia McDover do on the first Wednesday of every month?

            a.) Vonn and Claudia trade Indian land with each other.

            b.) Vonn and Claudia go to their casinos, cheating blackjack games so that they can win a lot of money.

            c.) Vonn and Claudia go to one of their condos on the golf course and Vonn gives Claudia $250,000

            d.) They meet each other and eat dinner at the Thai Restaurant near their golf course and talk about what offshore company they can buy next.


16.) What piece of evidence allowed the FBI to convict certain members of the “Coast Mafia” with murder?

            a.) The wrecked truck that was used to crash into Lacy’s car

            b.) The footsteps that the murderer left behind when he got out of his car to confront Lacy

            c.) The blood sample that the murderer left behind

            d.) The knife that was used to disable the seatbelt and airbag in Lacy’s car


17.) Why did Gunther go to Florida?

            a.) He had business that led him to Florida

            b.) He wants to see her sister after the accident

            c.) His mother forced him to come down there to see her

            d.) He didn’t have a reason, he was just coincidentally there


18.) About how many people that were a part of the “Coast Mafia” were arrested?

            a.) 6 people

            b.) 62 people

            c.) 26 people

            d.) 173 people


19.) How did the FBI retain information that proved Vonn to be guilty?

            a.) They installed microphones all over Vonn’s house which allowed them to spy on Vonn and hear everything that he said.

            b.) They arrested Zeke Foreman while he was on the way to meet Vonn, and they told him that if he were to tell them what Vonn had did and planned to do, then he would be released from custody.

            c.) They installed a bug into Clyde Westbay’s watch and they instructed Clyde to talk to Vonn about “dirty work.”

            d.) They installed cameras in Claudia McDover’s house to hear her conversations with Vonn.


20.) How did Lacy know that Greg had mysteriously disappeared?

            a.) Cooley calls Lacy, informing her of the news that Greg hand suddenly disappeared.

            b.) She saw it on the news when there was Greg’s boat on the news with the caption, “missing person.”

            c.) Michael Geiser, the director of the Florida Board, tells her on the phone while she was in the hospital after the car wreck.

            d.) JoHelen Hooper tells her using the burner phone that Lacy gave to her.


21.) How did JoHelen Hooper know that someone was starting to spy on her due to her involvement in the case? (2 possible answers)

            a.) Her neighbor instructed her that her car was broken into in the middle of the night and when she looked into the car to see what was missing, all of JoHelen’s work related information was missing, along with all the information she had kept about this case.

            b.) A man had broken into her house and she knew of this because of a home security app that showed footage a man breaking into her house

            c.) When she went to a motel, she saw that in the motel next to hers, there was a man that was looking into her window and had a sniper rifle.

            d.) Somebody called her on her burner phone and warned her that someone was coming to find her


22.) How did Gunther help Lacy and JoHelen when they needed protection from the “Coast Mafia?”

            a.) He gave JoHelen and Lacy a new job at Valdosta Regional Airport.

            b.) He gave them temporary housing up in the mountains of Georgia.

            c.) He helped them try to find Carlita and Greg.

            d.) He helped them to find a much safer way to meet with the mole and the middleman.


23.) Who is Phyllis Turban?

            a.) A court reporter that works for the BJC.

            b.) One of the gangsters that were a part of the movement to create many new casinos on Indian land.

            c.) McDover’s partner in crime and the lawyer of Claudia.

            d.) The 70-year-old paralegal that works for the BJC.


24.) What happened right before the tragic car accident that killed Hugo Hatch and almost killed Lacy Stoltz?

            a.) They were talking to someone in the shadows who also seemed to be in favor of getting rid of the judge

            b.) Michael Geismar called them both, warning them that something may go wrong, and if anything seemed to be off, to call him immediately.

            c.) Hugo Hatch complained of having to drive all the way, so he got out of the car to switch seats with Lacy.

            d.) Lacy’s car broke down and Hugo got out of the car to try to see why the car broke down


25.) Why did Greg Myers get off his boat and go to Lacy’s house?

            a.) Lacy told him that the boat was probably going to be searched soon, so he had to take out all his valuables that were related to the case and had to move onto land and somewhere safe.

            b.) Greg noticed that Carlita was becoming sick and he had to take her onto land so that she could be treated at a hospital.

            c.) Greg wanted to attend the funeral of Hugo Hatch.

            d.) Greg wanted an update about all that happened while he was gone, including facts about the car accident.


26.) Why was Gunther not very liked by the nurses that worked in the hospital?

            a.) He always took food from the cafeteria and snuck it into Lacy’s room because he thought that the hospital food was very bad.

            b.) He decided to take Lacy out of the hospital as fast as possible, even though the nurses specifically told him not to.

            c.) He was extremely loud, and he didn’t want to follow any of the hospital’s rules.

            d.) He didn’t allow the nurses to come into Lacy’s room while he was in it because he wanted to have some “alone time” with Lacy.


27.) What is “Rabbit Run?”

            a.) A complex of houses that Vonn Dubose owns; he does most of his work in one of the houses. The other houses are used for Vonn’s pleasure.

            b.) A complex of condos that Claudia McDover owns; she owns 4, 1 of them being the one where she receives money from Vonn and the other 3 leased through her attorney.

            c.) The golf course that both Vonn and Claudia own; Claudia gives a huge sum of money to Vonn on the first Wednesday of every month

            d.) The code name that both Vonn and Claudia use to indicate that one of their workers in their gang have either ditched or snitched on them


28.) How does Michael Geismar learn about the car crash?

            a.) The hospital workers in Panama City called Michael Geismar about the news because Lacy asked them to do so.

            b.) The cop/constable that controls the Indian reservation tells Geismar after looking him up on the BJC website

            c.) Hugo’s wife tells Geismar after Geismar asks Hugo’s wife why he didn’t go to work that day

            d.) Geismar receives an SOS alert from Lacy shortly after the crash


29.) What happened to the 2 snitches that said that Junior Mace was the one who killed his wife and another man?

            a.) Both of their sentences were reduced by 3 years because they had given evidence to that could help put Junior into custody.

            b.) The first snitch was murdered by Delgado, one of Dubose’s “gun thugs,” while the other one narrowly escaped death by Delgado.

            c.) Both snitches were killed by Dubose himself because he believed that “their testimonies were not good enough.”

            d.) None of the above


30.)  How did the police figure out about the stolen truck?

            a.) They figured it out by CCTV footage of the thief was seen

            b.) They had a witness who took a video testify in front of them

            c.) The stolen truck had a black box, allowing police to clearly see the thief’s face

            d.) None of the above


C. Quote Identification Passage

A.) Lacy Stoltz B.) Hugo Hatch C.) Verna Hatch D.) JoHelen Hopper E.) Greg Myers               AB.) Michael Geiser AC.) Vonn Dubose AD.) Claudia McDover AE.) Gunther BA.) Allie Pacheco BC.) Wilton Mace BD.) Cooley BE.) Phyllis Turban CA.) Clyde Westbay CB.) Lyman Gritt     CD.) Zeke Foreman

Directions: Below is a list of 20 quotes that were said within the book. With the list provided below, please match the quote with the name of this person who said the quote. HINT: Not all characters will be used but some characters will be used multiple times. 

___ 31.) “I save all of that for the boat” (Grisham 171).

___ 32.) “Depends on how hard you dig” (Grisham 55).

___ 33.) “Come on Verna, it’s me. Go to bed and get some sleep” (Grisham 73)

___ 34.) “Well in my defense, I was walking the floor at three this morning with her latest child. I think it’s a girl. What’s her name” (Grisham 2)?

___ 35.) Since we have some time to kill, there’s a much longer video we think you’ll find equally compelling. We had a chat with your pal Zeke Foreman a few days ago. Remember Zeke” (Grisham 290)?

___ 36.) “Okay, but I’m bringing my brother, and he likes to play with guns. Should he bring one just in case” (Grisham 225)?

___ 37.) “And they’re perfectly willing to let the state of Florida kill me. They’ll stop at nothing, Lacy. Don’t ever forget that” (Grisham 247).

___ 38.) “What’s the FBI doing in my hotel” (Grisham 284)?

___ 39.) “Thank you for going to see him. I made the trip twice a month and I know it’s not the best way to spend the day. Junior has been forgotten by his people, and that’s tough on a man, especially one as proud as Junior” (Grisham 75-76).

___ 40.) “I’m so sorry, Lacy, for not coming sooner. I was in Rome with Melanie and got back as fast as I could. How are you feeling, dear” (Grisham 137)?

___ 41.) “I’ll authorize you to go on one condition: You cannot get near the boat. If someone is watching then that someone might recognize you…Make sure you get possession of Myer’s papers, phones, and laptop” (Grisham 232).

___ 42.) “Never Claudia, I never ease up. He’s lucky he got prison and not a hole in the head. Hell no, Claudia. Vango does not get out” (Grisham 63).

___ 43.) “Gee, Greg, I don’t know. Maybe he or she is unsophisticated in the world of organized criminal violence. Maybe he or she is worried that divulging to much dirt on McDover might lead back to him and her” (Grisham 67).

___ 44.) “Yes. Fake Florida tags. No such number in the records. Why would anyone bother with fake tags if they were not up to something bad? If you ask me…its just a matter of time before we find ’em (Grisham 158).

___ 45.)  “That’s me. The mole, the source, the informant. Actually, Cooley said Myers liked to reference me as the Whistler” (Grisham 314).

___ 46.) Sure, we’ll be happy to leave, but you’re going with us, in hand cuffs and ankle chains, right through the main lobby, a perp walk for the benefit of your guests and employees” (Grisham 285).

___ 47.) “If life is more prosperous, why aren’t there more children” (Grisham 77)?

___ 48.) “Look, Vonn, I gotta tell you…I’m just not cut out for that stuff, you know what I mean? I didn’t know that guy was going to die” (Grisham 319-320)

___ 49.) “I’m a cop, an honest one, and I have a family to protect. My name can never be used in any investigation. I will not testify in court. I will not point any fingers at any of my people or the crooks they’re involved with. Understood” (Grisham 259)?

___ 50.) “Up in the mountains. I’ve got a friend with a cabin no one can find. You’ll love it” (Grisham 345).



D. Short Answer Passage

Directions: Below are 4 short answer questions that can easily be answered if you have read the book. Each short answer question is worth 5 points.


51.) Why did Greg Myers believe that he needed to disappear?


52.) Why was Lyman Gritt relieved from his duty?


53.) Why did JoHelen Hopper want to secretly expose Claudia McDover?


54.) Why was the FBI first reluctant to be involved with the case?


John Grisham’s The Whistler UNIT TEST ANSWER KEY

1.)                False. “The move coincided with the arrival of Gunther, Lacy’s older brother and only sibling…Depending on the year, or even the month, Gunther Stoltz was either one of the top ten commercial property developers in Atlanta or one of the five real estate swingers most likely headed for bankruptcy” (Grisham 136-137).

2.)                True. “Lacy placed her in a portable rocking crib and turned on the switch for a quiet lullaby” (Grisham 74).

3.)                False. “The satellite radio was playing soft jazz, a compromise” (Grisham 1).

4.)                False. “Greg walked down the pier and Carlita stayed in the boat. He didn’t come back” (Grisham 226).

5.)                True. “Name’s Ramsey Mix. A pleasure to meet you” (Grisham 6).

6.)                False. “No 911 calls were made” (Grisham 114).

7.)                True. “I’m having dinner. I -” (Grisham 225).

8.)                False. “They found Son’s body in Junior’s room, along with Junior’s wife, both shot in the head. (Grisham 32)

9.)                False. “‘So, I get to meet the Whistler?’ he asked” (Grisham 362).

10.)                        False. “Vonn DuBose, the descendent of one of the original gangsters who did indeed begin their mischief in the rear room of a catfish restaurant near Forest City, Arkansas.

11.)                        B. “As Lacy turned the key, her cellphone rattled… It was Randy” (Grisham 6).

12.)                        A. “My brother was framed in a perfect setup” (Grisham 78).

13.)                        D. “If he delivers, he’ll eventually plead to first-degree murder and we’ll lobby hard for a light sentence” (Grisham 293).

14.)                        A. “In front of JoHelen was her stereo writer on its tripod stand” (Grisham 306).

15.)                        C. “They met on the first Wednesday of each month…Inside the satchel were twenty-five stacks of $100 bills, each bound tightly by rubber bands, each of $10,000 (Grisham 59).

16.)                        C. “We had a blood sample from the scene from the scene and it led to the driver of the truck”

17.)                        B. “Gunther took a breath and let it pass… ‘What happened'” (Grisham 138).

18.)                        C. “26 of the 33 defendants were under arrest” (Grisham 361).

19.)                        C. “The bug was built into the Timex watch on Clyde’s left wrist” (Grisham 318).

20.)                        A. “Greg walked down the pier and Carlita stayed in the boat. He didn’t come back” (Grisham 226).

21.)                        B & C. “There was a man in her house” (Grisham 305)! & “JoHelen knew he was next door at the West Bay Inn” (Grisham 337).

22.)                        B. “Up in the mountains. I’ve got a friend with a cabin no one can find. You’ll love it” (Grisham 345).

23.)                        C. “Phyllis Turban, Claudia’s lawyer” (Grisham 65).

24.)                        A. “That judge needs to be in prison” (Grisham 112).

25.)                        D. “You gotta tell me. It wasn’t an accident, was it” (Grisham 172)?

26.)                        C. “The rule was three. Gunther thought that was ludicrous…he might have to call his lawyers” (Grisham 136).

27.)                        B. “She owned four condos there, or at least owned the offshore companies that owned them” (Grisham 58).

28.)                        B. “There’s been an accident, a bad car wreck, and Mr. Hatch has been killed. Someone needs to notify his family” (Grisham 115).

29.)                        B. “Delgado took the first snitch…and dropped him in the Gulf…the second snitch…had lived another day” (Grisham 303).

30.)                        B. “A man appeared at the police station and said he knew something about the theft” (Grisham 131).

31.)                        E.

32.)                        BC.

33.)                        A.

34.)                        B.

35.)                        BA.

36.)                        A.

37.)                        E.

38.)                        CA.

39.)                        BC.

40.)                        AE.

41.)                        AB.

42.)                        AC.

43.)                        BD.

44.)                        CB.

45.)                        D.

46.)                        BA.

47.)                        B.

48.)                        CA.

49.)                        CB.

50.)                        AE.



















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