Name : Mohamed Imran Sulaiman Roll No

Name : Mohamed Imran Sulaiman
Roll No : 17PS12155
Class : I MBA-B
Subject : Marketing Management
Date : 25.01.2018
Staff Incharge: Prof.Armaan Salik

YAMAHA Since 1887
Company: Yamaha Kabushiki-Gaisha
Vision: Establishing Yamaha as the exclusive and trusted brand of customer by “creating Kando”(The
Simultaneous feeling of satisfaction and Excitement when experiencing something of Excepted.)

Our motive is to create Kando* -creating company or people all over the world through our
products and services.
Our Slogan: Revs your Heart (Speed up heart beat or Touches Your heart by performance)

Product: R15 v.2

Marketing Strategy:
Introducing the New Yamaha R15 v.2.0 Liquid cooled 4 Stoke Engine with Fuel Injection
Syestem, Aerodynamic Tail, Sporty & Stunning look with maximum power of 8,500 RPM
and 5 year manufacturing warranty

Pricing Strategy: Penetrating Pricing (Low to High)
Source of Promotion:
? TV advertisement
? Radio advertisement
? Magazines
? Newspaper advertisement
? E-mail
? Movies
? Brochures or catalogues
? Internet advertisements
? Celebrities etc,.

Product Segmentation :

? R15 Version 1
? R15 Version 2
? R15 YZF

R15 Version 2

R15 Version 1


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