NAME: based on realism and observation view of

NAME: EMILY P. FRAGO DATE:AUGUST,2018MAED (SCIENCE)PART II EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ORIENTATIONA. PerennialismPerrennialism is based on the philosophy of realism , a traditional and conservative which follows the belief of Aristotle. As a realist, it views society based on realism and observation view of human nature. Human have the power of rationality to guide their conduct.

According to Robert Maynard Hutchins , President of the University of Chicago…….human nature is rationale and constant and can be predicted to do things in a certain ways , therefore education should be based unchanging absolute and universal truth. Precision is important , the universe is understood through quantitative terms. On my experiences this philosophy and psychological orientation describes me as an educator. Being a Science teacher I always wanted to have the truth and reality. I always use the practical work approach , to explain ideas ,theories and laws in Science lesson . During experiment , science activity used precise measurement is very important to get the actual result.

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Real object should be used during the class to have retention and gain learning. . Students remembered things when they used actual or improvised materials to explain each given activity in their learning modules.

Film viewing and video clips also an effective way which students learned their lesson .As a teacher , I let my student explained the science ideas based on the result of their experiment and précised measurement should be observed. Realism focus also in scientific method and as a science teacher i am used to follow this method. I trained my students to identify really what is the problem, then observed using senses ,try to research , interviews to obtain data and information .. But before we conclude , during the class we have to do the experimentation and from then we can able to conclude and give the general ideas.

As my personal experiences in teaching , I want things / lesson in an organized ways. Maybe yes , you can called me a traditional teacher , but i know learning happened from doing in a certain way.


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