Name: no one has ever been in health

Name: Richa kharel Burlakoti
Student Id: 486900
Subject: 149 (Professional And Discipline Studies
In Nursing)
Nursing is a highly respected profession which comprises of independent and supportive care of individuals of different ages, families, groups and communities. Nursing involves the promotion of health, art of assisting the individual, sick or well, contribution to the health (Henderson, 1998). In highly respected profession, such as nursing, Professionalism is an important element for setting one’s self for a potential job. Professionalism is defined as the conceptualization of obligations, attributes, interactions, attitudes, and role behaviours required of professionals in relationship to individual clients and to society as a whole. Atsede Fantahun (2014, P.2).

According to Kansas (2012), All medical professionals must strive to retain those humanistic qualities integrity, respect, and compassion that constitute the essence of professionalism’. Either working in a hospital or administration these three qualities enclose the core of Nursing and epitomize what it means to be a professional. I belong to a family in which no one has ever been in health profession. My family’s expectation, influence and my desire for caring the people pursued me to enter into nursing career. I always wanted to be a nurse when I was in my country (Nepal). Due to some circumstances I could not study. Later, When I came to Australia, I started to work in Aged Care facility. I started helping the old aged people. I was fully satisfied with the outcome of choosing nursing as my career.

The characteristics of a profession which are considered in relation to nursing are: Education, Theory, Service, Autonomy and A code of Conduct (Crisp and Taylor, 2005). Education related adequate clinical skills should be provided so that we can respond the situation. Treat everyone equally and should be non-judgemental. Person-Centered care must be kept in mind.

American nurses Association(ANA), Nurses are required to show advocacy, assertiveness and accountability in their conduct. Nurses are expected to cooperate with other professionals instead of simply obeying orders. Like other people, I have different view related to professionalism in Nursing. It is vitally important to conduct studies in nursing and how these can be brought into professionalism process. For many years, Nursing profession has been hurdle by its tradition of service orientation. Attitudes that can be traced to three ideologies that can be identified as: Nightingalism, Employeeism, and professional collectism (Norma K.Grand, 1971). Nightamgalism means a selfless ideal that precludes concern with economic conditions. Employeeism is the belief held by employees and Professional collectism is the feeling held by nurses that the profession standards service are the responsibility of all practioners. Florence Nightingale is considered as the founder of scientific nursing and known as ‘THE LADY WITH THE LAMP’. She is considered as the first nursing theorist. The first note where she wrote: What it is, What is not(1860), listed some of her theories that have served as foundations of nursing practice in various settings. One of her theory was the environmental theory which is still practiced today. In this theory she advise nurses to pay attention to patients’ personal hygiene. She also gave consideration to sponging methods, usage of soft water and hand washing. Nightingale emphasized on the germ theory and its significance in terms of hygiene as an infection control measure (McEwen, Melaine, & Willis, 2011).

In the practice of Nursing, Value is placed on the accession of knowledge and the skills. Nurse should have a good common sense and a mature judgement while planning care to the patient. Nurse must know (why) the medication is prescribed, (what) to observe, (how) to prevent unwanted reaction, and (when) intelligently intervene if reaction occur. The main characteristics of a professional nurse is to maintain collaborative relationship with other health care workers. There must be recognition and utilization of opportunity to teach the patient and the family about health problems. (Ali Hassan Abu Ryala, 2014).
The Nurse role is to maintain the clean environment, and the work of the nurse includes an extensive regimen of cleanliness and ventilation practices (Nelson 2000). At the end, we all need to understand the importance of Nursing. Every nurse should work as a professional. We must have a compassion, communication, confidence, Stamina when working as a Nurse. Nurses should always respect the co-workers and patients in every situation. Whether it is meeting, attending the patients or Administering medication, They all need to do it in well skilled manner.

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