Name: and efforts to reach the greatest. After

Name: Donepudi Sri Bhargavi .Intended Degree: MS in Pharmacology and ToxicologyTerm: Fall 2018STATEMENT OF PURPOSEWhen you live for a strong purpose then Hard work is not an option, It’s a necessity – Steve Pavlina.The philosophy that I stated has constantly enlivened me to give the best out of myself and efforts to reach the greatest. After evaluation of myself, I have taken a decision to graduate in Pharmacology and Toxicology that leads to a Doctorate.From my childhood, I was always enchanted by the virtue of life in and around.

I have grown up in a family that has colossal regard for academics and ethical values.Determination and Dedication are the attributes that are fundamentally inculcated in my conduct. I have told my family of my commitment to complete my graduation and they are for the most part especially behind me and assured me that they will bolster me with the goal that I can give myself principally to my studies.Strolling down the sixteen years of my education, I believe I was insightful at every single step. I scored 92.16% in my tenth grade. My desire coupled with my Father’s dream made me decide to pursue Bi.P.

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C(Biology, Physics, Chemistry), where the major role is played by the Biological Sciences and the Chemistry that relates with the Biology. With assiduous readiness and fixation, I secured 86.9% in the Intermediate education.

This influenced me to take my Degree program in one of the areas of life sciences that is in the sciences of pharmacy.I have opted for Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy) in my Under graduation at K.

V.S.R Siddhartha College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences affiliated to Krishna University, one of the foremost institution in India. Pharmacy is the discipline of science that dictates the health and disease. I always believe that Profession including with Passion always gives the great evaluation for the society’s welfare.Amid my Degree program, in my first year, I have been taught Human Anatomy and Physiology:- which deals with the Structure and Functioning of the body parts and the body as a whole. Medicinal Biochemistry:- The study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. These two interests summoned up my keen fascination towards studies.

I spent through four hours every week at the research laboratory which permitted me pick up capability in fundamental lab techniques.My areas of enthusiasm in the second year are Clinical Pharmacy:- Where we are taught on how to offer various Pharmaceutical care services, microbiology, Pharmacotherapeutics:-Study of therapeutic uses and effects of drugs. These aspired me to learn everything both theoretically and practically and scored decent grades. So, Individually I got an interest in the lab session of Microbiology and with the insight to familiarise myself with the subject about those microorganisms which are too small to see with the naked eye, I took an opportunity to do my initial fellowship in small summer break in the Laboratory where I learned profoundly on how to perform screening tests, Plate assay methods and also to verify different types of microorganisms.The principal focal point of this course will be on Pharmacology which I have studied in my 2nd, 3rd years divided into two parts. It deals with the Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic actions of drugs, which is a basis of therapeutics, and the knowledge gained here should be correlated and applied therapeutically. I needed to make myself very much familiar with the most complicated and significant theoretical framework on one hand and to perform extensive number of examinations on other hand, which empowered me to test the soundness of hypothesis through observational work.

Pharmacotherapeutics:- The study of therapeutic uses and effects of drugs. Here began my prominent enthusiasm to take in more and actualize the hypothetical learning for all intents and purposes. With this intrigue I began taking an interest effectively in the ward rounds, assisting the physician which is the part of my Pharm.D educational modules in the Third year.In the following year I have learnt the other part of pharmacology, Pharmacology-2 as the major. At that point I took in all the more difficult lab skills, for instance, examining mice, infusion, and drawing blood.

Here I can still recollect that exciting minute when I saw the wonderful dose response curve drawn up by a computer after I entered the information gathered in an examination of Acetylcholine-induced contraction of guinea-pig ileum smooth muscle. Hospital Pharmacy:- which is the health care service, which comprises the art, practice and advising healthcare professionals and patients on their safe, effective and efficient use ; Clinical Pharmacy:- In this area I have learnt on how to work in collaboration with physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals. At that point, they have bought up a software in my institution named MICROMEDEX which is a speedy and precise approach to check everything about the medications while helping specialists, with the end goal that the issue present can be recognized all the more rapidly.The subject which I am most fond of in the next year is Clinical Toxicology:- It is the study of the adverse or harmful impacts of medications and other chemical agents. It is concerned both with drugs used as a part of the treatment of disease and chemicals that may exhibit household, ecological, or industrial risks. The way my lecturer instructed the subject was additionally exceptionally fascinating and enlightening which included more to my appeal.

However as I delved further into my studies, I developed to appreciate Toxicology and Pharmacology.In the mean while in the fifth year of PharmD, I have done a project entitled “Impact of Pharmacist Mediated Care on Health-Related Quality of Life(HR-QoL) of Teenage Pregnant Women – A Prospective Study”. Being a group pioneer of this study, I appointed the work as per my individuals limit and motivated them to give their best. It was a learning experience where my organizational abilities were verified. Here I have used statistical tools like Graph Pad Prism Software version 5.0, Epi info7 software and KDQOL EXCEL software for the calculation of results of my study.

Baseline characteristics and follow up characteristics were compared by suitable t-test for continuous variables. Chi-square test was applied and the categorical variable was represented as frequency and %frequency. I have performed this work with most extreme premium and precision putting away all the gathered information lastly ascertaining the outcomes accurately and effectivelyCurrently, I’m pursuing Internship at Dr.Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research Foundation.

In my residency, counselling patients regarding medications and lifestyle modifications in a clear and understandable way, analyzing the prescription and identifying the errors in it along with the drug-drug interactions, consulting clinicians to optimize therapy based upon the interactions, Adverse Drug Reactions, disease state management, and pharmacoeconomics and finally documenting in my log book.The greatest quality of mine is the certainty, one which I expanded when I participated in workshops and given numerous presentations in my class, that were all around explored and conveyed lucidly to everybody in an effortlessly clear dialect.I’m particularly amped up for the professional area of concentration that I have picked, in light of the tremendous opportunity for development and advancement that exist in this field. For as far back as 16years; I have kept up a conceptual progression in my academical career.

I have given all that I am in scholastics, adored each moment of my work but then have been left needing to accomplish increasingly and on a more prominent scale.Today, I’m enthusiastic about serving the people by improving their lives so that they can live longer and healthier to spend time with their loved ones and for that I need to seek a Masters degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology to solidify my learning and lend shape to my passion. I feel that my establishment in Biology and broad therapeutic knowledge acquired through involvement in ward rounds and fundamentals that I learned in two parts of Pharmacology and Toxicology in my Bachelors will help me preciously in bringing my objectives, desire and my fantasies to fulfilment. The fact of matter is that the specialised knowledge of Pharmacology and Toxicology together can help to treat a disorder or disease accurately. Along drug discovery, establishment of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of new and novel drugs is highly critical and I’m interested and committed to receive advanced graduate training in these areas and would like to extend my deep seated passion and determination through serving the society. I trust especially to spend following quite a few years occupied with a front-line look.Moreover, as an optimistic girl, I believe I will be a fantastic good example for other yearning healthcare professionals.

I think I find that its simple to keep up my uplifting state of mind at all times, thus, it is normal for me to value the doctors and different people that I work with.By being acknowledged into and finishing the Master’s program in Pharmacology and Toxicology at Wright State University, I will get what I look for a world-class training and I trust that I will be blessed to interact with profoundly proficient and reputed researchers and educators amid my graduation training in the U.S that will chisel my character and scholarly stature with which I can keep progressing in my career. Outshining in the graduate program that I have chosen at Wright State University will be my first priority.Pharmacology and Toxicology is a multidisciplinary science and the scope for specialisation has been limited at the Bachelor’s level. So, subsequently I feel that I require a solid and in depth graduate training. I am perspicacious in enlarging the horizon of my insight in all fields of clinics and furthermore to learn with real-time applications. These reasons influenced me to pick the USA as the nation to seek after my graduate studies.

I comprehend the requests for MS program and I am adapted to go up to the challenge. I feel that American method for academics is nearer to my optimal.This school emerged to me from the background noise of other on-campus graduate Pharmacology and Toxicology programs. Undeniably, Wright State University offers an educational module that represents a breadth and autonomy that no other school I have looked into can offer. Combined with this are honestly great personnel, dynamic student body, pleasant university ambiance and excellent research facilities all of which will just add to the scholarly experience. I look forward with incredible excitement to gaining from WSU’s benchmark faculty and connecting with the accomplished student body.Your institution is a juncture of individuals from shifted culture, nationality, religion, race and ideology. I’m certain that my introduction to these sorts of various impacts would bring out the overall development of my identity and enable me to widen my ideas from the smaller bounds of patriotism to internationalism.

After completing, higher education in the field of Pharmacology and Toxicology by obtaining a Masters degree from your renowned institution and make notable contributions to the society that is useful for the hospital management.I believe I have an awesome deal to offer, not just as far as WSU’s Pharmacology and Toxicology Program, however past in the groups. I will go ahead to serve the lives that I will impact to their tomorrow and mine. I will dependably search out inventive and manageable changes in the healthcare system, a system I accept can do that considerably more.

I’m certain my competence and drive will enable me to do it respectably. I look forward to joining the college and wish to have a mutually productive relationship as a graduate student in your honoured department.I wholeheartedly trust that this statement of purpose will justify me a place in your foundation to effectively meet my objectives. Thank you for time and consideration.With all expectations high, I close down here.


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