Mythology lot of their gods to be like

Mythology has been around for a very long time and in today’s society has worked well to make new stories and movies and other stuff. Roman’s have given us many things to use today; alphabet, language, laws, calendars, architecture, religion, and entertainment. We have to thank the Romans for many of the things we have today, because without them we wouldn’t have a lot of things. Mythology is the ancient view of the world.

What is Roman and Greek Mythology? Roman Mythology was the ancient view of the world, and Greek Mythology are tales told throughout generations by spoken word and by writing. Although most of the mythology has brave heroes, maidens in distress, and powerful gods they were meant to show the history of how things came to be. These myths enabled individuals to stand against the diseases and hardships of a not so forgiving universe. Rome and Greece were able to see themselves in the stories and understand their connection to the rest of the world around them. The influence of Greek mythology was seen through of Rome in architecture, subject matter, decorative statutes, temples, and mosaics.

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It was Greece who introduced the Romans to these myths. Why did Romans introduce Gods to their mythology? Romans introduced mythology because it help bring their history together and the reason of things around them. They introduced Gods to their mythology because they wanted to give the creation of everything around them a creator. Originally though the gods were more closely associated with cults rather than myths, the change came when the Romans turned from farming to war. The Romans and the Greeks shared some of the same gods like Apollo, Heracles who became Hercules in Rome, Saturn who was Cronus in Greece, and so on. They adapted a lot of their gods to be like the Greek myths, Rome was founded in the 8th BCE and Greece city states were already very well-established. Romans introduced gods to their myths because


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