My overcome a dilemma in my workplace.

My understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion is that everyone has the right to be treated fairly, included and made to feel like they matter, and their views are important.
Just recently we have overcome a dilemma in my workplace. We have a new resident and the religion she follows does not allow her to be in a room with a man she is not related to. This means, to fill her religious needs and to uphold her beliefs we must discriminate against our staff by only allowing female staff to attend to her needs. This is a situation where it is acceptable to choose a member of staff to do a particular task due to their gender.
1.2 The potential effects of barriers to equality and diversity in my workplace could be religious or cultural belief as spoken about in 1.1 regarding a resident but it could also be an employee who has to have time off due to religious reasons for example a staff member who cannot work on a Sunday due to going to church, or a staff member who has to pray at a certain time of day. This could potentially make other staff feel put out or not treated fairly or that certain exemptions are made for them. One barrier could be a language barrier. If this was the case, we would assign an interpreter and use flash cards with pictures on with their language and our language on, so we might even pick up a few of their phrases. Another barrier could be age related. Some older staff might think younger staff do not pull their weight or are lazy and younger staff may feel that older staff are stuck in their ways. If we can get people to work together they could realise they can learn from others’ experiences. Older more experienced staff could support younger ones and advise and support them when they need it, Maybe find their strengths and give them the opportunity to share these with others. The younger staff may be better at adapting to new ways of doing things and could support older staff with adjusting to the changes. These barriers can be worked with and reasonable adjustments made, and positive interventions implemented before a situation arises.


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