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My daughter’s birth was a trigger in my professional life

are two words, the one before having children, and the one afterward. Moreover
must people, however, do not know about these two worlds? Regardless of how
much I read about what it is like to have a child also The moment I realized that life as I
imagined it as a working mom meant concretely almost never see my baby put me
down therefore, as a future mom I was not truly prepare for the
world I entered after childbirth. Furthermore having a baby (my daughter) was a
trigger in my life.

I became pregnant, I found myself separated from my old life (professional
life) and at the same time I asked myself what was the meaning of having a
child on the eve of my 30th birthday if it was not to take care of it. But why
offer me the only solution of stay at home as a mother. According to The Work
or Stay-at-Home Debate “how a woman can open her mouth when she deserves
to be lumped in with the slacker daddies, whose primary contribution is
bringing home the money”. I have always like to continue working and take
care of my family. But I realized that I will have new constraints, new needs,
and new desires. That made me feel a little upset and I started think on how
can I balance my professional life with my personal life? Because I will not be
able to go to the meeting, stay awake for a long time, take some drink with
friends or go to work as used to do. I love my job, but being pregnant just
make me think different. After I gave birth to my daughter, I
entered in to tough transition period. I was beginning to see what a life
change I was in for. I felt the sadness, then the fear and finally the anger go
up, suddenly accompanied by a feeling of revolt, which was triggered following
a small sentence: “listen, Blanche, ok, it is hard, but then what? It’s
for everyone like that. What are you going to do?  “Behind these questions is the assumption
that if work and kids are hard to balance, lots of work and lots of kids would
be even harder, but women with big jobs say that is not the case”. Said
Scimecca, Alex, et al. It was the drop of water that broke the camel’s back. I
had been taught never to do things just because everyone was doing them.
“If everyone jumps from a bridge, do you also jump?” That phrase from
my dad that I headed all my childhood still resonated in my ears. Meanwhile, I
had always been a calm, easygoing person, but I surprised myself fits of crying
or anger. I time I felt really happy, but there were other times when I was sad
about losing my freedom, my job that was the most important thing in my life,
my fun times with my husband and I used to have without the responsibility of
the baby. In addition to those challenges money problems began to appear. Life
just became hard. I made the choice to quit my job for a period of time to stay
at home with our child, this was a very tough for us living under one income
with the baby supply that was so expensive.


I was constantly worried and anxious. I needed reassurance every day, and spent
most of my free time searching for information on the web I found that Sandberg
wrote “Women rarely make one big decision to leave the workforce. Instead,
they make a lot of small decisions along the way,” I was very confuse and
ask myself should return to my now? My answer was unknown. Furthermore I sow
this “The choices for working mothers are more costly than it is for men”.
Said Berlatsky, Noah this confuse me more, and the same time I found this
article by Blackie, Alex. Prague nights who said “I believe that women should
have the choice, and I envy women who seem to be able to juggle it all –
career, family and looking gorgeous at the same time”. All those investigation
made me understand the importance of women be at home and her professional

today I have found out that there is a proper solution on any situation According
to Pregnancy, Birth, Babies, “The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and
find the right balance between profession and parenthood”.  Today I am slowly beginning to see myself in a
new way. I am truly a different person than I was a year ago. I have slowly
come to believe that I am a good mother. I am not perfect, but not mother is.
By developing routine with my baby, I have learned how to manage my day more
effectively, even fitting in more time to focus on my job.

yet, I have become much more emotionally stable. I am no longer have fits of
tears or anger, and most days I wake up happy and ready to face life. I have
fare less anxiety about being a mom, and I have developed the belief that now I
am really a different person. I am no longer a child I am proving myself
capable of handling what other grown women handle. And even more impressively,
I have a group of new friends, mothers with I am one of them now. The
transition was not easy and it is not over.


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