My Showing children how beautiful life is.

My view of the child is:

My view of a child is that they are a precious gift of God. I think that they are transparent and open to this precious life. A child is a bundle of joy and happiness, it’s like a new chapter in your life. They are so innocent and dependent on others so it is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to contribute in every milestone of life.

 A child is like sunshine in a dress. Children are great just by looking at them you know that how naïve you were. Children are supposed to get their physical and moral characteristic from their parents and caregivers and they do, but sometimes they also teach you how beautiful life is just by their curiousness of life discovering new things and just being happy by little joys of life.

Children are great like when you’re around children, you just feel like them as long as you are around them and you also get these little joys of life. Children’s happiness makes you happy and whenever they are sad it just makes your day sad. Children are like angels so nice and honest, believing. Also a child represents you and your household behavior and what you are and what environment you live in.

My view of teaching is:

My view of teaching is that teaching is a procedure that includes monitoring, decided and unplanned activities and experiences to stimulate infants and toddlers to learn and grow in their early years teaching.

Teaching is like giving all your life experiences to little children and showing them the right way of life. Showing children how beautiful life is. Teaching is actually really hard and fun at the same time, it’s hard by teaching all these naïve kids the way of life and how they don’t know anything about how to life and you have to teach them everything other than how to breath and its fun by learning how to relive your life and finding joy, just like little children are finding joy.

Teaching is great for our new generations because it helps you make connections with them. And the only environment the student can learn stuff freely is only when they feel safe and that they have the freedom of speech and they are welcomed in the class and the teacher wants to listen to them and consider their opinion as an answer if it’s a question. I love teaching and I think it’s a great job to do.

I believe the learning environment for infants and toddlers to be:

Learning environment plays a key role in supporting and covering the children’s development. A well designed ,safe, and responsive environment is an essential first step in children’s early years .It should be planned according to the needs of children and offers material that are age appropriate.

The applicable principal of providing and supporting environment is that children learn and develop in empowering environment. The environment builds a strong relationship between practitioners and parents .The health and safety of the environment is vital to ensure the safe guarding and comfort of the children .Babies and children will feel emotionally safe and secure and will develop and learn most successfully. Growths of children should also be consider while creating a learning environment. Children grow and develop in different stages, so it is important to consider the development needs and capacities of children. There should be adequate space and this will let the children to move easily and securely. The setting should be friendly, loving and secure as well as equipped.

Every child has a right to have a safe environment and children must have the opportunity of growing up and developing in an environment that is healthy and safe. Children within the early year’s settings are actively encouraged to explore and interact with their surround


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