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My interest for the international spheres comes from my passion for the foreign languages,which are the strongest assets in relation to the international world. I have studied in anItalian High School for Foreign Languages: English, French and Spanish. I choose foreignlanguages as they are globally diffused and getting into a new language and a new culturehelped me to become more open minded. Not satisfied, to further improve my knowledge,literature and culture I decided to attend different English classes after school which alsois the only language for business.. The study of languages helped me to develop a broad anddeep understanding of different cultures and nation, essential in today’s world which sees inglobalisation its future.

Thanks to languages, communication has been made easier around theglobe and I believe that my strong language background will be very useful to drive ideasforward in businesses on a national and global scale. Studying in Economics at school hashelped me find connection between languages and business and this phenomenon led to generalglobalisation, which then had the power to connect different people with different backgroundsand this is why I want to study a business-based degree.After four years of studying in a Language High School, I applied to study the InternationalBaccalaureate Diploma in Cambridge. I decided to study in the UK, in particular theInternational Baccalaureate because it was a good challenge for myself and also a good chanceto always be surrounded by international students with different backgrounds. This is where Idecided to study Economics and this subject broadened my knowledge of the development ofbusinesses in an constantly changing world, introducing my interest for a business-baseddegree.

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Also important is the study of Maths because through statistical analysis is the keythe characteristics of the markets as data are increasingly important to understand theeconomic phenomena and the behaviour of the economic agents.Due to my curious nature and desire to always pursue things further I have extended myknowledge on economics and business by reading Capital in the Twenty-First Century by ThomasPiketty and The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein. I have foundthem very thought provoking and academically challenging. These two books have enlightened meinto narrowing down my passion in applying for a business-based degree.Studying in Cambridge, has given me the chance to work at a hotel. I had the opportunity towork closely with the manager supporting him in different tasks which has enhanced myunderstanding of the complexity of the organisation, and how meticulously perfect is thedelivery afterwords and understanding how complex and precise the organisation behind thedelivery of a perfect service is to determine the supplies of the business.

I was face withthe challenge of showing my high communication skills because of the internationalism of thepeople employed. Working with English and international team gave me an understanding aboutthe way the world works and how different cultures combined together cooperate in order tofunction as one team and how essential this is to success.The global scale of economics and business has reached unprecedented levels. As never before,it is essential to have a deep knowledge of both business and world.

This has enhanced mypassion in studying a business-based degree.


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