My “Hi, I’m Hazel, you must be Kai

My world used to be made up of black and white. I was not only hard on myself, but hard on others as well. I felt that everything we did was crucial.

To me, humans aren’t born to make mistakes, one wrong move and we will all end up on the dark side. Until I came upon the Disney movie Hercules. The villain, Hades reminded me of grey instead of black. I was puzzled, grey is not something I associated the world with, till I met Hazel.”Hazel….Oh that infamous Hazel.

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” I thought as I glanced at the girl beside me. “Hi, I’m Hazel, you must be Kai Ling. Hey, is that a Rilakkuma keychain? Oh, it’s so cute.” As she spoke, she removed the keychain from my pencil case and started squeezing it, while making annoying noises. By now I was furious.

How can someone be so obnoxious? Had I given her the permission to touch my things? Did her parents not teach her any manners? This must be the reason why people didn’t like her. In a short span of five minutes, Hazel had made her way up to the first on my blacklist. Yet, fate is always a funny little thing. Hazel is the first place, not only on my blacklist but also on my ‘favourites’ list. Hazel’s personality is a great representative of the shade grey.

 That day, when I thought I fell into the dark side and could never redeem myself was the day when I had gotten a sixty for my primary 5 English paper. It was Hazel who pulled me out of that hopelessness. I was bewildered, why would she be so nice to me, when I have been so unpleasant to her? To be honest, I couldn’t remember the specific moment me and Hazel became the best of friends. However, I will always remember what Hazel said to me, it was an awakening point in my life. “You know, making the best decision isn’t about being hard on yourself, but moving on.” It suddenly dawned me how Hades was grey. Although he had an evil plan to take over Olympus, that plan was merely the result of him being the object of the gods’ dislike and contempt. That is what grey is all about.

I began to understand how things are not definite. We human beings are not perfect, everyone do make mistakes. None of us are black or white, but instead we are grey. Things are always two sided. Everyone deserves a second chance, one wrong move will not cause us to be on the wrong path forever. Grey is all about celebrating everyone’s flaws, learning to forgive not only others but ourselves as well.

Instead of dwelling on the mistakes that we have made, being “grey” means to learn from our mistakes and move on. By finding the perfect balance between black and white, grey is the way to go in life. 


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