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My dad’s an electrician and he does a lot of lighting work at wineries and i sometime join him to lend a hand and i’m always curious how people end up picking grapes in vineyards and why they would take working in the sun instead of working somewhere else. For the lovely essay i’m gonna be talking about the four waves of U.S immigration and how they change everything during the times they were active. I’m trying to show what immigration was like back then and how much it has change but to also show how important immigrants are to the U.S.The U.S before it was colonized had a series of people visit, the first people recorded to discover the U.S was the vikings. Later on people from all over started to make there way over such as germany, britain ireland and asia. People manly came to the U.S for multiple reasons but the main reason were to be free from any religious restrictions, discovery, wealth or just to see if they could have a better life. The population of the U.S during year of 1790s was made up of native americans and then later on the invading europeans.Slavery became global and africans were taken from their homeland and were brought on ships to america to be sold and worked. Later on the Irish immigrants were building railroads or taking jobs in the milltowns. German immigrants became farmers or craftsmen. And Asian immigrants became labored workers on the railroads or working in mines.When The people that came to the united states during the years of 1820-1880 was called the Second Wave. There were lots of people that came to the U.S during the second wave such as the Germans, Irish,english, and asians. The people came to the U.S for multiple reasons but for this wave people came to get away from problems that were in their homeland such as the irish came to the U.S because of the potato famine that was killing millions. The Germans came because of an economic disaster that was making everything unstable. The people that came to the U.S experience multiple different things from folks that were there some were welcoming there while others were not so kind and wanted them gone.The third wave occurred during the 1880-1930 22.3 million, 75% of Third Wave immigrants coming through the Port of New York. They came to get away from High population growth in Southern and Eastern Europe. Lack of jobs and food. Scarcity of available farmland. Mechanization of agriculture, which pushed peasants off the land. Religious persecution of Russian Jews, who fled their villages after pogroms. And some benefits being freedom of religion, available land, other forms of economic opportunity, and booming industries like steel and railroads. Most 3rd Wave immigrants settled in poor urban neighborhoods with the cheapest housing, usually among others of their own ethnic group. They set up their own businesses, churches and restaurants. They were subject to discrimination from landlords who refused to rent to them and employers who refused to hire “their kind”. Jews suffered restrictions such as being kept out of many colleges and due to quotas that limited the number of Jews admitted.The four wave started 1965 and can be argued and or seen as still a running wave.  The People that were coming to the U.S during this time were from Latin America and Asia. People were coming to the U.S to get away from rising population pressures, the intense poverty of Third World countries, and government repression. People depending on their own situations were also desperately poor, and were also unskilled workers who come to America to take the lowest-paying jobs in our economy. People during this time we’re dealing with racial struggle that was around since 1960 but eventually america finally confronted the issue of race and challenged its long-accepted system of racial segregation. Immigrants coming into the U.S would end up in areas and communities where there were only mexican people, and same goes for any asian people would end up in communities where asian immigrants livedThe Immigration and Naturalization Act was signed President Lyndon Johnson on October 3, 1965, ending what Johnson called “a cruel and enduring wrong,” the old racist National Origins quota system that favored immigrants from Northwestern Europe. There was also the the Immigration Reform and Control Act that attempted to halt the influx of new illegals, while granting amnesty to existing illegal immigrants who wanted a chance to become legal US residents.Immigrants during this wave are working low paying jobs that are the backbone to companies that they are working for and without them it would fall apart they can brought culture and new styles and ways of doing everything. As the essay draws to a close i can say i learned a lot about the past and present U.S immigration history. And as a result I have a better understanding of how immigration works in the U.S.


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