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My fascination with engineering is mostly because ofthe growing curiosity. My interest in mechanical engineering field is a work ofconsistent absorption of knowledge. To fuel the curiosity and to quench thethirst for knowledge, I started learning this domain which gradually grew intoadmiration and then to a very strong passion for the Engineering field. Thispassion led me to make a career inMechanical Engineering.My true passion lies in usingmy skills to develop and design products and I’ve been doing that for some timenow. My interest in the field and the degree helped me develop the problemsolving skills that I use in my job every day.

I don’t just solve engineeringproblems, now I help solve problems across multiple disciplines of the productdevelopment, the business and the management cycle.Right from my school days, I haveshown interest in mathematics and physics that boosted quantitative andanalytical skills in me. I have always felt a strong need for achievement, whichhas been the motivating factor behind whatever I have achieved in my academiccareer so far.During my undergraduate studies,I have not restricted myself to a particular area of Mechanical Engineering. Theundergraduate study has given me a comprehensive exposure to a wide spectrum ofcourses. Also, my keen interest to stay well-informed with the evolving methodsof designing has helped me in gaining an appreciation for languages such asAutoCAD, Catia ,Unigraphics, ProE, PDMS and Caesar II. I strongly believethat a thorough knowledge of computers is essential for any engineer to besuccessful.

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Duringmy last semester I got selected as a System Analyst in an IT firm Infosys,through Campus Recruitment. However, my passion for the mechanical engineering made me take a job as anAssociate-Product Management in the company Burndy. I had the opportunity tolearn the stages of engineering from product development to product managementand then finally marketing the product and also I gained interest and knowledgein pre sales and post sales of the product.Technically and professionally, a specialization deepens ourknowledge in the area of study. My love and passion for design engineering,the eagerness to learn more,imagination, creativity made me focus on the piping design field andjoin Post Graduate Diploma in Piping Engineering.

During my 6 months course, I gained thorough knowledge indesigning  piping system starting fromselection of materials, designing the pipes, cost estimation , risk analysisand troubleshooting.I believe in “learning bydoing”.  So whenI joined MAN, it gave me the opportunity to have a close look at the basics ofthe engineering. Along with learningand working in different real-world situations in which mechanical design and manufacturesare utilized, I also got exposed to the concept of management of a successfulMechanical Engineering firm.

  Working alongside experienced MechanicalEngineers, I was able to apply the theories and principles I had learned in theclassroom. Also, I got familiar with different types of machineries and theiruses.  Working in a multidisciplinary team greatly aided my interpersonalskills, increased my confidence and also the ability to work in this sort ofenvironment.

  Through in-depth conversations with my peers, I was able tosee various challenges of a large-scale operation combined with the broaderpicture, the competition or interaction with other large firms and vendors on aglobal scaleDuring the last two years of myexperience at the project stage, I came in contact with the latest technicaldevelopments and skilled personalities from all over the world. The more Iworked in the live projects, the more I wanted to learn. The pursuit forknowledge has been the supreme goal in my life. To quench my curiosity and to fulfilmy ambitions, I have decided to pursue a master’s program in MechanicalEngineeringMy objectives of joining a Mastersin Mechanical Engineering field are very clear-cut.

I want to sharpen myintellectual abilities; to attain proficiency in my stream of engineering; todevelop individuality; to expand my horizons of knowledge. After ten years, I picturemyself in a career of manufacturing as my interest lies in applying my gainedadvanced knowledge in benefit and service of industry, which needsprofessionals like me most for its development.My entire life, I’ve lived by a simple belief, tolearn about all that interests me and to work hard at what I love doing.

Being aMechanical Engineer, I need to keep learning more about systems and designconcepts and the product development. I understand that I have to putin my best effort to compete with the best in the world. I am ready to take onchallenges as I believe that the opportunities are the ones that we create. Now, I am at the crucial stagewhere I have to decide what I would be doing to improve my career. I started torealise allthe potentials in this field and I really enjoy learning industrial work aswell as designing.

For that very reason, I’m determined to focus myself onpursuing a post-graduation study. So, I would like the opportunity to pursue my furtherstudies in Master in Mechanical Engineering with a direction in Thermal Fluids fromUniversity of Western which is known for its inspiring and challengingenvironment with outstanding scholars and diverse student community.   


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