My friend but a sister, and someone

My Kind of Treasure We can’t deny that we really have that friend whom we never thought we would be close with, someone we don’t see as a friend but a sister, and someone who knew us better than ourselves.I have this best friend for almost 10 years by now.

I have known her since we were in Grade 1. She has straight long hair before, but now she already has a curly hair. She has small and troublemaker eyes.

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She is best in criticizing everything. She giggles like a witch and smiles like a killer. She sucks at making jokes and is very weird at all times. She loves fries. She is a grammar nazi and is always ranting every time she spotted a post of someone that is grammatically wrong. She is most of the time mean and sarcastic, but is also clingy and sweet. But through these weirdness of hers, I could probably tell you that she is one the most reasonable person I have ever known.

She judges based on what she have seen and felt. She may be mean for truth slapping me always every time I daydream, but I couldn’t agree more that she’s most of the time, right. She may say the sharpest words anyone could probably say but she really has that heart of gold and silver. I really didn’t thought it through that we could really be what we are now. For everyone, she may be just a best friend of mine but for me, she is more than that.

She is my human diary, my comforter, my number one supporter. She is the half of my soul and is my sister not by blood but by heart. And I will always be forever thankful to God for giving me such a gift I’ll forever treasure.


I'm Mary!

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